Bi-Fold Doors Are Becoming Increasingly Popular

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Or maybe that should read “Bi-Fold doors are making a serious comeback”, as they have been around for a very long time. The ancient Romans, who were reputed to not like single leaf doors, and preferring double or folding doors, used them extensively and examples were found in Pompeii when it was unearthed. Bi-Fold doors are a type of door, which opens by folding back in sections, or panels. Bi-Fold doors are not necessarily simply two panels and often contain significantly more. They are very versatile in that while they can be used to form an internal room divider, they can also be used for exterior apertures as well. Their ability to slide as well as fold, enables a doorway to be significantly wider than any standard front, back, or even patio sliding doors. Additionally, they are able to really open a room up, significantly increasing visual and physical accessibility, between indoor and outdoor spaces, or between two internal rooms.

Functionality in New and Older Homes

As can be seen from the Romans usage of them, functionality never goes out of fashion, and Bi-Fold doors work equally well for new homes, as well as older properties undergoing a modernisation or renovation. Bi-Fold doors come in a very wide range of styles, materials and colours, so your local installer will undoubtedly be able to offer you something which perfectly matches your homes colour and style configuration. If you are looking for Bi-Fold doors from Scotland to the South, the configuration options are endless. Doors can slide to the left, to the right, straight down the middle and as they can fold both directions, you can set them up how you like to create the perfect internal environment and atmosphere that works for your home or place of business.

Offering Multiple Benefits

Bi-Fold doors are very low maintenance, generally being made from aluminium or PVC, so have excellent modern contemporary looks, though can also be made from wood, so an option for new and older properties is always available. They are slimmer and less conspicuous than traditional patio doors, allowing for maximum visibility, while at the same time providing excellent strength and security. They provide excellent visibility and allow plenty of light to enter, are waterproof and thermally very efficient. Their ability to slide as well as fold, allows multiple people to move freely through the space they have created at the same time and obviously make things like wheelchair access much simpler, which is why they are being increasingly used in commercial properties too.

When you are thinking about the possibility of installing Bi-Fold doors, it is a good idea to discuss the range of options with your local installer and visit their local showroom to see examples. Rather than just choosing one that looks good in the showroom though, be sure to discuss the size and placement possibilities. You want to ensure you have a bespoke product that ensures your needs and desires are met, rather than being provided with something that is OK, but not quite what you had in mind.

Lastly, be sure to check testimonials and double check that you are getting at least a ten year guarantee.

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