Buying A Home In The City Vs. The Suburbs

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With a strong real estate recovery underway, buyers are once again entering the real estate market. The decision of where to live depends on many factors such as work, family and schools. Ultimately, your choice is based on your lifestyle and what you feel are ‘musts’ for you.

Buying A Home

The City?

Young professionals have often preferred urban living because the proximinity to work and social events. By simply stepping out of their door, residents enjoy a wide choice of activities unique to city living. Entertainment venues for every taste are within blocks – theater, nightclubs, museums and coffee houses are readily found. Cooking is optional with an abundance of dining choices from hot dogs to French cuisine.

By living in the heart of the city, residents also save, on average, two hours each day commuting to, and from, work. This is a plus for many people, especially those who already put in long days.

Real estate prices are higher in urban settings with square footage at a premium. This is often a trade-off when you consider gas is in the $5 range. Many city-dwellers do not own cars and enjoy using mass transit instead.

The Suburbs?

At one time, white picket fences were the dream of every potential homeowner. The suburbs, with their planned communities, define ‘family’ and offer the space for a boy to toss a ball or his Dad to wash the car.

Suburban living will provide a bigger bang for your buck when thinking in terms of square footage. ‘McMansions’ allow enough space for every member of the family to have their personal space and then some.


The statement that only people in small towns know their neighbors is a myth. Whether city or suburbs, a neighborhood develops is own vibe. In cities, these are often referred to as districts. The Arts District has a bohemian feel while the Business District will feel upper crust.

The same is true in the suburbs. Some blocks are like family while others have a ‘mind your own business’ feel. Community is about people, not location.

Pro’s and Con’s

These days, city living is not just for young professionals. Families enjoy the educational options found in the city along with zoo’s, parks and other recreational opportunities. The city, with its’ vitality, provides an energy not found in the suburbs. Life is always happening around you and all you have to do is walk out the door.

The same energy that city-dwellers thrive on is why others chose to stay in the suburbs. They like sleeping in quiet and feel a two-hour commute are worth the peace they find outside of the city limits. Suburban buyers like having a back yard and room to spread out.

In the end, only you can set your priorities for the best fit. Use social media as your ‘spy’ to get a feel for an area. Make use of the tools available on the internet so you are fully informed before making any decision.

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