Shutters, Blinds & Drapes: Different Window Covering Options

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Choosing the right window treatments for the home is not always an easy task. There are many traditional and modern options available. Most treatments use a combination of different items such as shuttered windows with indoor blinds and sheers. The three most common window treatments are blinds, drapes and shutters. Each option has distinct differences and advantages.

Different Window Covering Options


Blinds are hanging indoor window treatments. They are made from vertical slats that can be opened or closed depending on how far they are rotated. Blinds are very easy to install on standard windows although they do not always fit very tall or wide windows. The main advantage of blinds is control of the light coming into the room. Rotating the slats slightly will allow more or less light into a space. Blinds are also good for second or third floor windows since they allow people inside to look outside and block the view into the room from street level. Blinds can also be vertical allowing for a very distinctive look. They are frequently used as part of a modern decor in conjunction with other window treatments.


Drapes are long pieces of fabric that are hung inside of the home in front of a window. The drapes are usually made from heavy fabric. They can feature different patterns or prints that match other upholstery or decorations in the room. Drapes can be accented with decorative rods that have finials on each end. They can also be draped over the rod to create a unique look. Drapes are commonly seen over other window treatments such as sheers or blinds. The hardware at the top can be covered with a valance. Drapes can create a very formal feeling in a room especially when drawn closed. They are popular in cold climates because the heavy fabric stops drafts and keeps the room warm.

Shuttered Windows

Shutters are solid pieces of wood, vinyl or another material mounted on the outside of a window on hinges. Most windows have a shutter on each side that can be pulled closed when necessary. The large majority of designs include horizontal slates that allow some light and air into the home when closed. A few models even have moving slats that operate like blinds. These are popular window treatments when thinking about how the exterior of the house looks. They are also functional in areas with severe weather because they will stop debris from crashing into a window. Many homes use shuttered windows with other indoor treatments.

Layered Window Treatments

It is very common to see homes that use a combination of window treatments. The use of drapes over blinds is very popular because it provides controlled light as well as the ability to block out noise and cold drafts. Drapes and shuttered windows are popular because the rustic look of the shutters goes well with the classical appearance of the drapes when viewed from the outside. Modern materials and fabrics give homeowners a very wide variety of options that were not previously available. This makes it possible find window treatments to match any style of house.

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