The shelf: A Modern Impostor

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A pure polished glass shelf is still an elegant and practical decoration object that makes every table to an attractive focal point. Racks are long gone when used as a pure pie plates coffee party. Meanwhile, an rack has become a decorative accessory that can be used for different occasions.

What is a rack?

The word comes from the French racks and means “rack”. They are available in different materials and in modern, elegant or romantic designs. The shelf from the early Baroque period, as for large parties and sumptuous decorative utensils were used for serving sumptuous dishes. Plates, bowls or cups were stacked here on several levels. In a tiered storage surfaces of the bottom to the top smaller and are connected in the middle by a thin rod. Today shelves made of glass, porcelain, plastic or wire are offered. A fixed transverse rod or a ring at the upper end of the central rod to serve for supporting the shelf.

How can you use a cake stand?

The floor is known as a pie plate, which mesmerized everyone covered coffee table. Meanwhile, the racks has become a stylish accessory that can be used for various purposes. Here are some creative ideas for different uses a tiered stand. shelves are perfect in catering for an extensive buffet. Small and exclusive specialties such as chocolates or muffins come with a tiered stand is especially pronounced, are an eye-catcher for every guest. Decorate the cake stand with candles and rose petals and enchant so the racks of your room in a quaint and romantic style.

News and Trends

The racks has now adjusted with the help of resourceful producers at the present time. A current trend is currently wire racks with a traditional vintage design. Especially in the restaurant shelves are more often used as a table decoration and service.Elegant glass plates are integrated into the decorative cake stand. And for dessert, there is a wide selection of cheeses, which are offered on an elegant slate an racks the guest. A cake stand  is now more than an ordinary cake plate and is evolving into a stylish and versatile accessory.

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