Getting The Right Poles For Your Curtains New Home

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Once you’ve finished decorating your new home, you need to pay attention to the small details that really make all the difference!  By this, I mean things like candles, cushions, lighting and even curtain poles.  Yes, curtain poles!  There are so many different types and styles of poles out there to suit both period and contemporary homes that choosing the right curtain poles for your home could be a tricky job.

Right Poles For Your Curtains

What Types of Curtain Poles are Available?

Curtain poles come in a variety of styles, materials, lengths…the list goes on.  You could choose from metal, wooden or acrylic poles, poles which come with curtain rings or those without, which are suitable for tab-top or eyelet curtains and don’t forget the never-ending range of finials available to choose from!

What Type of Curtain Poles do I Actually Need?

Think about the style of your home; a brushed steel curtain pole could look out of place in a traditional, period property.  For a warm, rustic look choose wooden poles, or for contemporary style go for metal or acrylic.  Depending on what type of curtains you’ve chosen or are planning to buy, you may need to purchase a curtain pole that has rings to attach the curtains to.  If you’re investing in tab-top or eyelet curtains then you won’t need rings.  Think about the size of your window and any angles that need to be included in this; for example, purchasing Bay Window Curtain Poles is a much trickier task than buying for a normal window!

Bay Window Curtain Poles

When purchasing poles to fit a bay window, there are a number of factors you need to consider.  Is your bay window three sided or five sided?  Will you be opening and closing the curtains on a daily basis or are they more for decorative value?  Most Bay Window Curtain Poles come in kits which include everything you will need to install your poles, including brackets and corner joints.  Generally it’s not recommended to use eyelet curtains for a bay window, as Bay Window Curtain Poles require a bracket to offer support at the window corners; eyelets are unable to pass the brackets.  It’s possible to have bespoke curtain poles made for your bay window, or most online retailers should be able to help you with the measuring process and advise you which poles are the most suitable for your window.


Some curtain poles will come with finials already attached, whereas some will allow you to choose your own unique style.  Whether you go for gothic black metal spiral finials, clear crystal balls or gold or chrome decorative swirl finials, the range available is vast and you’re sure to find something to suit your tastes and budget.  Make sure that you purchase the correct fitting and size finials for your curtain poles and remember to keep things matching; there’s no point fitting a beautiful gold finial onto a chrome curtain pole!  Wooden curtain poles normally come with matching plain wooden finials attached.  It’s a good idea to keep a theme running through your home, choosing similar poles and finials for each room, for a coherent finish and stylish look. Whatever style of curtain pole, finials and curtains you ultimately choose for your new home, do your research and browse through some of the many online retailers to ensure that you’re getting the best deal for your money!  Most retailers are happy to offer advice on measuring for curtains and poles and can recommend their most popular ranges if you are struggling to reach a decision on what to purchase.

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