What You Shouldn’t Have in Your Storage Unit

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Having a storage unit is a terrific benefit for individuals looking to store possessions that cannot be kept at home. Whether you’ve recently moved in with a significant other and need to keep extra pieces of furniture out of the apartment or just have children’s clothing to store, it is a safe and secure manner of locking up items that need a nice place to stay. However, contrary to popular belief, you can’t store just any item in a storage unit.

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Dangerous Equipment

This seems like a common sense suggestion, but is one that is often forgotten. Placing fireworks or other potentially flammable material inside a storage unit is explicitly deemed unsafe and illegal. The safety and security of the public is of utmost importance, meaning storage facilities cannot store any hazardous item or dangerous weapons.

Perishable Goods

Food should generally remain stored at home instead of inside a storage unit. The chances of the food going stale in a storage unit tend to be higher than assumed. Canned foods can be placed in the storage unit, but perishable goods will rot and decay. It can create quite the mess, and while different storage unit companies may have different rules regarding perishable goods, they are generally not allowed. The last thing anyone wants is pests all over the unit ruining items and the food. Ensure the packaging of all food items is secure and air-tight prior to placement inside a storage unit. This can help prevent rats and other pests from invading the unit.


Have that autographed baseball card by a legend of the game? Is it worth hundreds or thousands of dollars? It is probably best not to store such an item inside a storage unit. It is generally not safe enough to take such an undue risk. Not only are these items not appropriately protected, they will become prone to damage since dust, mold and other debris can collect and these valuables. Instead, consider locking these away in a home safe, or bank safe-deposit box.


Items such as electronics can be an easy choice to place inside a storage unit. Unfortunately, most electronics are not designed to handle the pressures associated with storage facilities. Electronics can easily become unusable after staying in a storage unit over a lengthy period. It is best to keep these items at home instead of tossing them into a corner of the storage unit. Why shouldn’t one keep their electronics in the storage unit? The answer lies within the reality of temperatures in storage units. Yes, there are some units that are ‘climate-controlled’ and can keep things relatively cool. However, most units can start baking in the sun, and this bodes poorly for electronics. Given the potential for wear and tear, throwing electronics into the personal storage unit should be a last resort option and nothing less. If you are considering placing any of your unused items in a storage unit, also be sure to read over a list of prohibited items. These will typically be provided to you in your lease with the storage unit company.

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