Choosing The Right Playhouse For Your Child

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Choosing the right playhouse may be a daunting task, especially when you do not know what is available- however playhouses range from large dollhouse like structures to simple sandpits, and there are plenty of choices available today.


Should you have limited space in your garden or backyard and you want a place for your child, or children to play then choosing a sandpit may be a viable option. However like many other structures, sandpits also come in many shapes and sizes, ranging from plastic shaped ones to large wooden boxes.

Large wooden box sandpits are largely popular, they are long lasting, waterproof, and safe to use, as the wood is sanded down during the manufacturing process to reduce the chances of splinters forming. However plastic sandpits are also useful, this is because they can be moved to another location should you wish to re-arrange your backyard or garden. A basic sandpit usually comes with a detachable lid, one that may be incredibly heavy to a small child; so be sure to help them with this, also place the lid on the sandpit after use. This is to ensure that the sand does not get wet from rain, and also keeps it soft and pliable for the next use. Wooden sandpits are a built in structure, usually it is very hard to move it once the sand is in place, wooden sandpits are more commonly found in gardens- so if you have a backyard finding a plastic sandpit may seem like a better option, as they are usually smaller, and can be easily dragged along the concrete floor, making them easy to move.

Dollhouse Shaped Playhouses

As with sandpits, dollhouse shaped playhouses can also vary extensively, you can get dollhouses based on the floor with no steps, and just a basic house structure, complete with doors, windows, and ledges, or you can get raised houses, that require steps for access, almost like a tree house, if you will. The type of dollhouse you get may depend on the age of your child, a younger child may prefer a house on the floor so the danger of falling is eliminated, whereas an older child may prefer the tree house like structure. Playhouses can also come with built in slides, or tunnels, meaning that they have a fast exit route from the dollhouse, a thing that many children enjoy during playtimes.

Materials Used And Features

Playhouses can come in many different materials, some are wooden and some are plastic, should you have a playhouse with a slide or tunnel, then chances are this is made out of plastic. This is just because plastic is a much more pliable material in which to attach items like slides, tunnels, or other fun alternatives. However, wooden playhouses sometimes come with ropes, meaning so the child can climb up to gain access to the higher floor, this feature is most commonly found within wooden playhouses because the structure is much sturdier and heavier; meaning it can support a climbing child.

Playhouses For Male Or Female?

Some models come styled for a male or female, however most are built to cater for both.  A female styled playhouse may have flower shaped windows, or delicate colours, where a male playhouse may come shaped like a pirate ship, complete with flags and docks. As you can see the possibilities vary considerably. It is worth looking into what playhouse you want for your child before you purchase one, and always ensure there is enough space in the garden or backyard to support it safely.

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