How does the Detoxification of the Bedroom Where You Sleep in, Really Work?

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You are always surrounded with things and facts around you that you don’t know all about. The bedroom where you sleep is one such thing too. Did you know that the bedroom you sleep in everyday is slowly killing you! Your body is continuously affected negatively by things like mattresses, harmful chemicals coming off your beddings, synthetic carpets etc. This doesn’t mean that you are totally helpless and can’t do anything about it. And, you should actually work towards detoxifying the bedroom you live in and for that you need to follow few simple steps. With these steps you can be sure of spending your time and sleeping in a healthy bedroom.

Mattresses Contain Harmful Petrochemicals!

Most of the regular mattresses found in the market are full of harmful petrochemicals. These petrochemicals have a wide range of adverse repercussions on your health. Choose to sleep in a mattress made of organic cotton, organic wool or natural latex. Sleeping on such a mattress will not expose you to dangerous elements found in conventional mattresses and you also get a much better and peaceful sleep.


All Mattresses Aren’t Essentially Made Up of Organic Materials

Many manufacturers label their products as organic wool or organic cotton but the fact is that only a small percentage of such mattresses are made of these organic materials. When you plan to buy one of the so called green mattresses, make sure you ask for all the materials used in making such mattresses. Something like a mattress with boxed spring that comes with organic cotton or wool would be a great choice for a budget mattress. The best choice, however, is natural latex, which is the probably the most eco-friendly material that can be used in a mattress. It is normally tapped from trees like rubber trees in form of syrup, and above all it doesn’t require any kind of plant or tree harvesting.

A Good Pillow Can Change Everything

Moving from your mattress to your pillow, you should realize that a wrong pillow often causes aches and soreness along with different kinds of allergic reactions because of mold, mildew or dust. So, always go for natural or organic pillow coverings that can assure a healthy night’s sleep.

Try the Organic Cotton

One of the best toxic free choices would be using organic cotton as they breather in warm conditions, which in turn results in cooling of your pillow. These pillows are of course a bit fluffy at the beginning and can get a little uncomfortable for two to three weeks but then tamps down after that. Pillows filled with grains like buckwheat are again great. These pillows originated in Asia and are said to be very effective in curing restlessness, snoring, pains and aches. These pillows fit the best as per your body’s contours. The only drawback is that these pillows can cause be noisy, as they are grain-filled. Latex is another comfortable choice as it offers good support, lasts for a longer period and is very flexible. By absorbing moisture and then circulating air for prohibiting the growth of mildew or mold it keeps the environment around your head healthy.

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