Cleaning with kids

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Today’s world is full of young, modern women who are working hard, trying to build up a career, having a family and taking care of their homes all in the same time. It sounds almost impossible, but yes, there are such “Superwomen” and a lot of them are even having one or several children. So here comes the problem – how can you do all the things you have to and pay enough attention to your child meanwhile? There is a simple way, which turns out to be both pleasant and helpful – make your child join you in the domestic cleaning. Follow these tips and you will see how much benefits this will bring to all of you:

Cleaning with kids

  • Every child loves receiving gifts. But why not to try to show them that sometimes things has to be deserved? Offer your kid some prise in return and you will see how enthusiastic he or she will be to help you. Of course, you have to keep your promise and never mislead the little cleaners, because this may be the last time they are willing to participate. If the children are sure about their treat, you will be able to count on them next time too.
  • Make it pleasant. Children don’t like so much to be told what to do in a way like receiving orders. Try to invent some game instead. This way neither you, nor the kid will feel the work hard or disgusting. Kitchen or sofa cleaning can be fun, provided you find the proper way to introduce it to your kid. You can use dancing, fashion show, speed contest or anything else that your child loves to do.
  • Involving your children in the house cleaning is helpful not only for you. It is indeed a great way for the little ones to acquire some very important skills like prioritizing and time management, not to mention maintaining hygiene in home. This will be really useful for both boys and girls.
  • With their endless energy and enthusiasm for new adventures, the kids will always find a reason to enjoy their work. And they will surely transmit their joy and smiles to you, so at the end of the day all of you may be a bit tired, but happy for sure. You will have spent awesome time together, their energy will have been directed to something rational and you all will have a clean home.
  • Last, but not least, you should take some precautions, because sometimes the little cleaners can worsen the mess. Try to use only DIY cleaning products, when your kids are joining, because a second of inattention can possibly cause serious damages to your children’s health. A combination of green cleaning and cleaning with kids is a great idea in this case.

So after all who needs to hire a cleaning agency and pay for its services, when you can save this money and buy some gifts for your devoted and hard working little cleaners? For more ideas:

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