Top 5 Wall Paper Manufactures in India

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Here is the list of top 5 wall manufacturers in India. 

Unique Decor

Unique Decor is one of the leading wallpaper suppliers and manufacturers of India. However, they are not only into the business of wallpapers. They have a huge line of home decor products for every house. Aside from wallpapers, you can buy awnings, blinds, flooring, carpets, curtain rods, sun control films and much more. Their collection of wallpapers is meant for every type of architectural projects including homes, hotels, offices, resorts and more. Their wallpaper design goes with all types of interiors. From the Unique Decor Wallpaper Supplier, you can take your pick from a number of floral, geometric, and abstract prints. They also have embossed and metallic wallpapers.


Sundek Sports Systems

If you are looking for a good wallpaper India, you can go for the Sundek Sports System. They have a huge collection of many different types of wallpapers. Their wallpaper covering is available in floral patterns, PVC coatings, historical prints, and many more. The wide range of their wallpapers has found use in many places including hospitals, hotels, homes, and offices. You can visit their website and explore their collection. You can take your pick from the best available designs. You can also get the brick designs and the customized wallpapers from them. All in all, they have everything that you want


Hind Sales Corporation 

Hind Sales Corporation is known for their high-quality wallpapers and other home decor items and accessories. They also provide expert guides on the interior decoration of the homes, offices, and hotels. They have the reputation of customizing their working methods according to the needs of the clients. They provide diverse services in the fields of interior decoration and wallpaper covering. Their products are designed using the best quality materials available in the market. Also, they have a team of experts which takes care of the design process to ensure utmost customer satisfaction. Their wallpapers can be used for the decor of the bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, and every corner of the house.

Dizzart Home 


Dizzart Home is one of the biggest manufacturers and suppliers of decorative as well as customized wallpapers. However, their expertise truly lies in providing the best quality customized wallpapers to their customers. You can either select the wallpaper for your house from their big range or you can get it customized according to your personal preferences. Their wallpaper designs are in complete compliance with the industry rules. There are a number of patterns, colours, and designs to choose from. If you want elegant looks, durability, and style in one, then you should definitely go for the Dizzart Home wallpapers.

Ultrawalls Wallpaper


If there is one name which is truly synonymous with the highest quality wallpapers, it is Ultrawalls Wallpapers Manufacturers. When you will look at their wallpapers, you are bound to forget everyone else. Ultrawalls Wallpaper decorating is for everyone and every need. From homes to offices, hotels to resorts, they have everything that you need. Just dive into the vast collection of wallpapers from Ultrawalls Wallpaper importer and you will get the idea what we are talking about.

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