Cleaning Your Rugs

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Cleaning the rugs in your house or apartment is a necessary chore for a variety of occasions. Whether you are moving out, you are preparing to host a dinner party, or simply want a cleaner, better looking interior; there are many reasons to clean the rugs in your home. Here are a few tips for cleaning your rugs that will leave them spotless and make you happy.

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Use a Vacuum

This is the first step towards cleaning the rugs in your home. Rugs collect dirt and dust during a variety of activities, and using a vacuum can often times change their look completely. Try to vacuum them regularly, and be careful to not let the fringe get caught in your device.

Don’t Rub Blot!

Rubbing a stain will only cause the product to become more engrained in your rug. Instead of rubbing, grab a handful of paper towels, and press the heel of your hand into the affected area. Do this until the stain has been removed. It is also a good idea to try to remove any stains immediately after they occur. This can help prevent the stains from setting, and will be much easier to get out than if you wait for an extended period of time.

Use Soap

For many stains you will want to use soapy water in order to fully remove the mark. Instead of looking for a product specifically marketed for cleaning rugs, turn to dishwashing soap for best results. The chemicals used in this type of soap will be just as effective as any others, and will save you an extra trip to the store.

Removing Soap from Affected Area

If you choose to blot the stain out with soapy water, you can simply mist the area to remove all of the detergent or chemicals. If this doesn’t remove the soap, blot it with a wet towel for better results.

Brush Away

Often times you will find that hair and pet fur will get caught in your rugs. While a vacuum can help, these hairs will most likely be the cause of a nasty clog. Instead of resorting to a vacuum, find a good quality brush to use on your rugs. Brushing every month can help prevent hair buildup and will keep your rugs looking clean and beautiful.

For Strong Odors

You might find that some of your rugs tend to attract unfortunate odors from pets or other sources. Simply make a mixture of one part vinegar, three parts water, and blot the effected rug with a white towel dipped in your solution. Continue blotting until the smell dissipates. This should remove the odor from your rug immediately.

Take It In

Has your rug been damaged by a flood? Has it been soaked in water? Don’t hesitate –take it in to a professional cleaner. While you may think that it is best to let it dry, leaving a rug in this state can cause permanent damage. A professional cleaner will prevent this and bring your rug back in a beautiful state.

Clean When You Can

The best tip for keeping your rugs spotless is to clean them periodically, or as often as you can. Clean your rugs often and follow these key tips to come home to beautiful rugs that are free of stains and odors.

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