Mixing It Up: Tile Floors With a Modern Twist

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Whether you’re laying tiles for a kitchen or bathroom, nothing beats the versatility, variety of colors, and ease of cleaning tiles. They have been a mainstay in flooring for years for good reason! Still, you don’t want to be stuck with tiles that look years out of date, so be sure to add a modern twist when you’re renovating rooms in your home.

Wood tiles are one particularly fantastic way to break the traditions of tiling. Here are some of the new trends in tiles that can help turn your floor from a tiled monstrosity from another decade to a clean, elegant design. Just remember – breaking the rules is all the rage!

Wood tiles have added modern looks.

Although you used to be limited to fake-looking tiles or realistic hardwood, manufacturers have blended the best of both worlds today. You can get wood tiles that look like they aren’t wood, or vinyl tiles that look they are wood. You can even purchase real-wood tiles that are more durable or have a different style than traditional wood planks.

Mixed-wood is a major trend.

Though the look may seem to echo an earlier time, a dining room, study, or office is perfectly-suited to the mixed-wood tile look. You don’t have to buy all the same types of tiles, after all! For example, lighter gray tiles can be mixed with light browns and even off-white wood tiles. As long as they are laid well, the look will not be negatively attention-grabbing. Sourcing them all from a supplier like BuildDirect ensures consistent quality.

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Fake aging of wood tiles.

Printing wood on vinyl and plastic tiles is fantastic because you can easily age up the wood without having to suffer splinters. Weathering wood, then scanning it and printing tiles with this weathered look is all the rage for surfer chic spaces like a teenager’s bedroom or a cabin living room.

Wood tiling along the walls.

You don’t need to limit wood tiles to your floor – wood tiling along your walls can add a fantastic rustic or sophisticated look, depending on the type of wood. Reclaimed wood is particularly perfect, but you can easily find new wood tiles that mimic this look (like weathered wood tiles).

Hardwood-looking wood tiles.

If you want plastic tiles that look like they’re hardwood, the industry has come up with the most sophisticated-looking tiles yet. These tiles look like they are really wood, and even touching them is a surprise at first until you realize they are plastic! You can get these tiles in herringbone planks or traditional tile sizes.

There are lots of new trends in tile floors (and even walls) today. These looks are chic and modern, retro, sophisticated, and so on – they run the gamut from traditional to edgy.

Depending on what kind of style you’re seeking, you can find tiles that will meet your approval thanks to the development of wood tiles. You can find the right varieties and colors from any reputable supplier to make your dream room come to life!

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