Create a theme with candle lanterns for your outdoor décor

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A theme based décor requires a bit of extra arrangements. Outdoor candle lanterns are one of the ideal items to achieve a beautiful décor. A bit of research is required to create a scintillating aura. You can balance the decor wisely with some colorful ribbons, sea shells, exquisite flowers, hanging plants, crystal candelabras and some white gravels depending on the theme you wish to create. The combination of all these items creates an exotic look and is pleasing to the eyes.

This article comprises some ideas to generate a theme for your outdoor décor with the help of some exquisite candle lanterns.

Outdoor candle lanterns

Beach Theme Décor

To create a beach theme décor, the aura should be reviving and exhilarating. Choose the most amazing outdoor area of your home like the lawn, backyard or a balcony facing the beach. As the décor should be soothing, stick to nude colors like white, cream or pastel. Pick brass candle lanterns to blend it beautifully with the nude décor. As these types of lanterns are mostly accessible in golden and rustic color, use white candles to usher a chic look. Adorn the tables with some attractive miniature brass candle holders and group them together. Integrate with some seashells and exotic tropical flowers.

Christmas Theme Décor

For a Christmas theme décor, you need to be rigid with colors like red, green and golden. There are various colored candle lanterns available in different shapes and sizes. You can adorn your surrounding with some colored hanging candle lanterns and add bows to usher a heavenly look.  Use scented candles for this type of décor. You can adorn the dining table with red roses, some ferns and crystal crockery set.

Wedding Theme Décor

Wedding is one of the blissful days. The theme should be happening and charismatic. Pick simple glass candle lanterns and make a huge bow with red ribbons around the mounted area. Also, combine these with lilies and tulips. Use colored and scented candles for this theme. Adorn the dining tables with these candle lanterns and add an extravagant look with some unique creatively and traditional crockery sets.

As outdoor candle lanterns are easily available in the market and online, it is not a hard task to pull up a nice theme based décor. By being extra careful with the choices of colors; you can create a beautiful atmosphere and your guest shall certainly have a gala time. Also, collect some good songs depending on the theme of your décor as music is always good for our mind and work wonders.

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