Tips for choosing the right paint colour for your Bedroom!

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Sanctuary, personal haven, whatever you call it, a bedroom is definitely the most private space in any home. As a child, decorating our bedroom was fun. It was the only room where we could reflect our creativity and inner selves through different colours or themes. As adults, we still love decorating our bedrooms, but now it’s not about bright colours. Instead, we want our bedrooms to make us feel relaxed. As the world out there is such a crazy place, it’s nice to have a calm and peaceful space to wake up.

Choosing the paint colour for your bedroom is a crucial decision, and it shouldn’t be done on a whim. As you will spend many, many hours in the bedroom, the space will likely influence your sleep patterns, morning moods, and so much more.

There are a few colours, in particular, to create a soft relaxing space to sleep. Take a look at some of the best paint colour tips from expert painters Sydney for bedrooms and finalise which works best in yours.

Peaceful Pastels: 

Pastel colours are perfect for a sophisticated space. Pastel colours are soothing, soft, relaxing, varied, and versatile. The best pastel colours for bedrooms include:

  • Lavenders
  • Pinks
  • Soft blues
  • Greens
  • Yellows

A bedroom with a pastel wall colour can look elegant. However, you don’t need to commit to the shade for an entire room, see the magic by mixing a pop of colours with pastels. If you want to add some dramatic statements with pastel colour call professional residential painters Sydney!

Soothing Neutrals:

Neutral tones are a perfect start for a serene design. Neutral shades are a classic choice for bedrooms. These hues come in a wide variety of shades and intensities that can add a designer approach to any decor. Popular neutral colours include:

  • Black
  • Ivory
  • White
  • Taupe
  • Gray

Neutral colours can go well with other bright colours in curtains, bedding, carpeting, and artwork. You can also choose to keep your bedroom all neutral. However, picking the right shade is a matter of personal preference. First, decide what emotion you want your space to convey dramatic, airy, or earthbound, and then proceed to choose the neutral shade.

Expressive Colours:

If bold shades are your thing, why not paint your bedroom walls bold? But make sure that the bold colour you choose stays sophisticated and not too bright. Bold paint hues with muted tones will feel more visually soothing. When it comes to painting your bedroom, explore the options, and create a look that feels cosy, complete, and beautiful.

At CLP (Colour Life Painting), we love to see our customers smile when they see how the right paint colour paint transforms their bedroom. Let us help bring life to your dream!

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