Pros and Cons of Stainless Steel VS Ceramic Kitchen Sinks

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When it comes to getting a new kitchen sink there is quite the array of options to choose from, and the main choices come down to stainless steel or ceramic. Naturally, there is much more to choose from in terms of the type of sink you are looking for from undermount kitchen sinks to bar sinks, but once you have decided on the type, you have to drill down into which material is going to be right for you.

Stainless steel and ceramic aren’t the only options but they are the most commonly chosen, but which of the two is better?

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel kitchen sinks offer numerous benefits such as the fact that they are incredibly durable, in fact, you can expect to get almost 30 years of use from a stainless steel sink. This option has grown in popularity owing to the fact that it is also very low cost, offering the lowest prices which are perfect for anyone on a budget.

The installation of a stainless steel sink is also very simple and they are very easy to maintain, all you need is a simple wipe to get rid of food and stains.

There are some drawbacks to this sink choice however, they can scratch very easily and ruin the aesthetic appeal, they can also make quite a bit of noise when you are washing up. With all of this being said, this sink choice makes it much easier to choose kitchen taps, as they match with so many styles.


The first thing that anyone with a ceramic sink will tell you is how beautiful it is, and they would be absolutely right, a clear benefit of this sink choice. Ceramic sinks give that really traditional and homely appeal which is why people enjoy them so much. Unlike a stainless steel sink, you can get a ceramic sink in numerous colours. The noise factor isn’t a problem with this sink and its best quality is that boldness which stands out in any kitchen.

There are some downsides to expect with a ceramic sink however and that is the possibility of having to get it reglazed after a few years because it has cracked or chipped. Underneath the ceramic, there are cast iron and if the water seeps through the porous layer then rust may kick in, the last thing anyone needs. This sink is difficult to install and there are fewer options when it comes to the design of the sink. Kitchen mixers look lovely with this sink option but there are more taps which don’t look right with this sink than taps which do.


When you are making your choice you have a straight shoot out between the aesthetics and beauty of the ceramic sink, and the options and the stability of the stainless steel sink. Naturally whichever you choose will also have to fit in with any taps which you already have, as well as with the overall theme of the kitchen. Ceramic sinks look amazing in country kitchens but if you are going modern then it will be a stainless steel sink which will look best in your renovated kitchen.

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