Create Your Best Work Space with the Help of an Interior Designer

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Office interior design is one of the services that most office fit out companies offer their clients. They may be charged with redecorating an office to bring it up-to-date or they may need to design a new interior for a new office build. When the designer is gathering the information they need to create a design, they will ask for input from the owner of the business to find out what they expect from the decor and to help reflect the company’s values.

Interior Designer

Designing an Office Interior

Creating a suitable office design involves using the proper colours for the walls and for selecting fabrics and furniture. It also involves the proper use of lighting and selecting functional office furnishings.

Using Colour in the Office

The use of colour in a workspace can have a psychological effect on those working there. Choosing the right colours can make people more productive by helping them to think more creatively and by helping them relax instead of feeling as if they are under stress.

To help create a calming atmosphere, the designer may choose to decorate offices in cool colours like blues or greens. Along with being calming, using blue and grey in offices helps increase productivity, although using those colours together could make your offices look too institutional. Creative businesses tend to have brighter colours and financial or law office decorators may stick to more neutral colours to convey a more serious atmosphere.

The Use of Lighting

The proper use of lighting is very important in offices as performing tasks is almost impossible without it. Using fluorescent lighting is common in many large offices and while it is bright enough to do most tasks, the lighting can be harsh. Many designers will try to use natural lighting as much as possible. They may position desks near large windows so employees get the advantage of having natural sunlight light up their space.

Task lighting can help supplement overhead lighting. Depending on the space, task lighting may hang from the ceiling over work spaces or lamps may be added to each desk in the office. If your company’s office space consists of cubicles, you may wish to use full spectrum sunlight desk lamps to help boost your employees’ moods, especially in the dreary wintertime.

Functional Furnishings

The furniture selected for your employees should be both functional and comfortable. After all, most of your workers will be sitting at their desks for most of the day. They need to be comfortable and the furnishings should be adjustable to help prevent back and neck pain. Make sure that employees have enough storage space at their desks to help prevent clutter. A cluttered workstation not only looks sloppy, but it can be stressful.

Decorating an office involves more than making sure a space looks good. A fit out company can help your business create a relaxing, creative atmosphere with the colours, furnishings and lighting that is selected. For more ideas, go to to see their office interior ideas.

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