Decorating Your Driveway

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The average driveway, to put it bluntly, can be ugly. With oil stains, chipped concrete, and weeds growing through the pavement cracks, the driveways of most homeowners don’t exactly gleam with pride. But it doesn’t have to be this way: with a little creativity, you can turn your driveway into more than just an area to park your car (or at least into a prettier place to park your car!).

Keep It Simple

The most simple and inexpensive thing you can do for your driveway is get it clean. Pressure washing the concrete is neither difficult nor pricey, and it’s a great, quick fix for a stained and dirty driveway.

Go Green (Literally!)

According to the Mother Nature Network, a recent trend in driveways involves going green in a literal way by forgoing concrete in lieu of grass. Typically, grass that is driven on repeatedly begins to die due to root damage. However, several products are now available to help avoid this damage. These products, which are essentially grids made of coarse, plastic mesh, allow grass to grow in the open spaces of the grid. The way the grids are structured causes a vehicle’s weight to be dispersed in a manner that avoids damage to the roots of the grass. The grids are designed to withstand up to five trips a day over the driveway.

Consider Gravel Instead of Concrete

A driveway made of gravel is practical and attractive. Yet, there are both advantages and disadvantages to this type of surface. Some of the benefits include affordability and easy installation; durability and proper drainage; weed prevention; the opportunity for creativity, such as mixing different gravel colors together; and security (intruders can’t easily walk or drive on gravel without making a noticeable amount of noise).

On the other hand, gravel does have some drawbacks. If gravel is installed improperly, it can thin in certain areas, for example. Also, when installed without a membrane, gravel can become damaged and weeds can permeate the surface. Gravel can get stuck in shoes, tires and be painful on bare feet. Finally, for people with kids who enjoy playing basketball or foursquare on the driveway, gravel isn’t the most suitable option.

Think Outside the Box

A driveway might not be exactly like a blank canvas waiting for your artistic touch, but with some ingenious thinking, it can seem that way. There are several creative ideas that can spice up a driveway’s look.

Art Student

Consider, for example, purchasing antique furniture and décor to add to your driveway’s exterior and front porch. You might also add unique lighting to the driveway’s perimeter (this is both decorative and practical: lighting can help paper boys and milkmen see in the darkness). You could outline your driveway with potted plants or flowers, as well.

For anyone who lives out in the country or a rural area, adding a circular island to the middle of the driveway can do wonders for aesthetics. This island can be used for trees, flowers or a play area for children.

This article was written by Billy Dunham, a home improvement expert who looks forward to helping you have an even better home. He writes this on behalf of Houston Concrete, your number one choice for all your concrete needs in Houston!

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