Electrical wire connectors: Get the line connected

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There are a number of small and big supplies and devices when we talk about electrical supplies and electronics. All these devices need to connect to power supplies in a way that the concerned device can function properly. There are a number of small connectors used for this purpose across the industry. There are various standards set for all these devices and their electrical wire connectors and hence, they are available in a standard size, with standard capacity and standard shape. There is no doubt some variations in the standards of different countries, but to a great extent they are similar only. These connectors are though small but have a huge role to play when it comes to the utilization of the concerned products. Here is a small list of such connectors.

cable connectors

  1. Wire grounding plug: These are the connectors primarily used to save the devices from uneven power supply as well as lightening. They are connected in such a manner that high power does not damage the devices connected and the additional power gets earth immediately. They are known as saving connectors also.
  2. Wire plug connector: These connectors are normal connectors used for a connecting various devices to the power supply. They are designed in such a manner that it does not risk the users and all the points are well covered with high quality plastic insulation.
  3. Wing wire connector: These connectors are used to connect power chords to devices that are used for many equipments. The name derives from their shape of wings spread to the ends of the connectors.
  4. Standard wire connectors: These are the electrical wire connectors commonly used within the device to connect the various wires with a standard set of connectors. They are usually color coded as per the international electrical color code system.
  5. Splice wire connectors: The dual end connectors that can connect the ends of various wires in a particular way so that the flow of the power remains intact despite the movement of the device.
  6. Copper lugs: These are well known connectors which are made of copper, which is high conductor of power. Usually these connectors are used for connecting two ends of wires in an open form.
  7. Ring wire connectors: These tiny connectors are having a ring shape in on the end of the connector. They are commonly used in heavy machines and sometimes in other devices also.
  8. Female Disconnectors: These are commonly used disconnectors that are having an open end on both sides. On one side the chord is connected while on the other side open space is given for male disconnector.
  9. Wire grounding connectors: These connectors are used for protection of heavy machinery against heavy power fluctuation.
  10. Fork wire connectors: They are forking shaped connectors used for light as well as heavy electrical devices. It has a particular shape of tongue that fits in the opposite device easily and does not move until intentionally removed. They are also known as a male wire connector which does not break easily.

These all are various electrical wire connectors used in various devices. However, it is a different subject for a common man and hence the names may also be new to many people, but the experts in this area know and understand these connectors well. The connectors have a vital role in every device irrespective of its size and use. All these connectors have different roles in different devices however, the basic function of all of them remain same. Usually the connectors are made of copper and having insulation around them to make them safer. Visit here to see more connectors and there details.

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