The Risk-Free Way to Move Furniture

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Many people like to take all the stress and strain of moving home on themselves. Personally, having done that and royally mucked it all up, I would seriously recommend hiring a professional! You would expect a professional removals service to be very expensive but you’re wrong! Last time I moved house I found a furniture removals company who specialised in moving furniture, were locally-based and offered great value for money.

Last time I moved house I had to do everything on a shoestring but because of previous bad experience where I had items of furniture damaged beyond repair in transit because I hadn’t packed it properly, I did things differently!

Most professional house movers will have a comprehensive range of services for any aspect of your house move. Obviously as they’re in the business of moving peoples’ furniture around, they know what they’re doing. That saves money and time because they get on with the job and spare you the danger of breaking everything yourself!

They always advise that every item of furniture is wrapped wherever it can be. Some of my items are antique and others contemporary but an unusual design. My local removal company had a whole range of packing supplies and they were able to help me cover all the delicate or pointy bits that could easily have broken in transit. It only took about half an hour but saved me a fortune in avoided breakage. You can’t ever replace some things!

Despite hiring a cheap removals company, they did such an expert job. One item I had was not able to be taken to my new home as I had to renovate the room it was going to be in. It was an absolutely huge welsh dresser that my grandmother had passed down to me. Obviously I wasn’t going to throw it out or even sell it and so I had to think what I could possibly do with the item until I could move it into my new home.

My house movers told me they also had a storage facility which they had opened a few years ago in response to an increasing number of their customers downsizing. They offered a great deal on the cost of storing my item for around 3 months as required. Not only did I know that my item was secure against damage, it was also in a climate-controlled environment keeping it in tip-top shape!

The most important consideration when using professional house movers is that they are covered by professional indemnity insurance. That means whatever they handle in the process of working for you is covered against breakage or damage. They are so professional in general that this is highly unlikely but it’s great to have that extra security.

My moving team made really light work of some very heavy furniture and there was absolutely no damage at all to anything. They were particularly good at loading the removal van so that the space was maximised and everything was packed securely for safe transit.

They used sack barrows to load and unload at the other end which made the job much easier and safer for my furniture! I’ve recommended their man and van services to my friends and neighbours even if they just have one item to move. There’s absolutely no job these guys aren’t capable of taking on. You may have seen their man and van teams in the area as they’ve been around a while – a great sign that there are really professional company with a solid reputation. Read more at:

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