Essential Supplies for Maintaining Your Pool

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If you have a swimming pool on your property, it is important that you learn a thing or two about how to maintain it properly. There are a variety of supplies that you will need to buy for your pool to maintain the quality of the water and make it last longer. Changing the water in the pool regularly is not a good idea, and will run up your water costs significantly. Here are some essential supplies that you will need to buy for your pool.

A Pool Net

A basic pool net can be used for lifting debris such as blown leaves from the pool. Pool nets are also available as full-sized covers that you can put over the pool at night to prevent insects or leaves from falling in the water. You can buy your products from reputable companies such as A1 Pool Discounts to save money. Buy a pool net with a longer stick so that you can move debris from the centre of the pool as well without getting yourself wet.

Filter Cartridges

Replacement filter cartridges will need to be installed from time to time to maintain the efficiency of your swimming pool. You can buy replacement filter cartridges online only to save the hassle. Just make sure that you buy a cartridge that fits properly into the pool filter you currently have installed. You can check the product page to confirm whether it’s compatible or not before buying it online.



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