The Best Choices For Home Cinema Needs

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Installing home theaters are the most common goal of many individuals and homeowners. Instead of the traditional TV set, there’s so much more you can do with it. And entertainment can also be guaranteed because of this. When choosing, there are actually a variety of options and things that can be considered. You should refer to the brands to help you.

BNW Acoustics is one of the leading home theater system providers for the different devices. It’s important to consider the options to install. Before you can guarantee the best performance from it, referring the right brands and the functionality for these things can be very necessary. These are several of the best products they have.

BNW Acoustics MK-33 Home Theater System.

The overall system is one of the prized units from the entire brand. With a total power of 2500 watts and a frequency range of 20Khz – 250Khz, you’ll have more options. You also have the choice of using the AM/FM tuner. The display is using LCD backlit for sustainable screens and bright screensavers. The cable is also gold-plated for faster transmissions. Apart from the basic devices and connections needed, the package also includes a table mount stand for the center panel and wall/ceiling swivel brackets.

BNW Acoustics KS-15 Home Theater System.

It has a 1500-watt output and makes use of hybrid cables. If you compare the first system with this one, you’ll see the price difference as well. Others have decided to purchase this because of the price. Wall and ceiling mounts and brackets are also provided and are utilized. This can be used for different file formats and video formats which makes it highly compatible with others. It can also be HDTV compatible which many people need.

BNW Acoustics VS-22 Home Theater System.

The system is highly suitable for people who are fans of sleek and minimalist designs for their home systems. It’s also HDTV compatible and with a digital interface receiver that’s universal, you can make use of any A/V system. It’s highly versatile and functional this way. You can also use 1500 Watt system output.

BNW Acoustics SX-90 Home Theater System.

This one has the same sleek design as the VS-22 but it has more power and will require more watt output than others, 2500 watts to be exact. The FM tuner is built-in and it already has 20 stations preset memory tuning. You can use this for your HDTV needs since it’s also highly-compatible for it. It is also highly versatile and compatible with others.

BNW Acoustics TR-4 Home Theater System.

This includes a monitor or television for better viewing. The gold-plated connectors are very necessary to guarantee faster transmissions and processes. The monitor is also HD compatible for better resolution. The viewing experience is better with this.

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