Finding And Eliminating Bed Bugs In Your Carpet written by: Demichelis

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No one likes bed bugs. When your carpet is infested with them, they are very difficult to remove. It takes effort from you and a professional bed bug exterminator to get rid of bed bugs in the carpet and your house in whole. There are a number of things that you can do to help a pest control company to be successful in getting rid of bed bugs in your carpet. This small reddish-brown insect feeds on blood, and is often known by its scientific name of Cimex lectularius Linnaeus. Here are few things that you can do to kill and completely eliminate bed bugs in carpet.

Choosing a Company

Deciding which pest control company to use has an impact on how well treatment works. A bed bug exterminator with experience and a successful track record makes more sense than hiring a general contractor, since these creatures have a unique biology and unusual habitat when compared to other insects. Companies without successful experience are less likely to use the most effective methods and rarely completely kills bed bugs in carpets. Keep in mind that it is rare for any company to accomplish complete eradication in one single visit, and those that guarantee it may be inexperienced or less than trustworthy.


During treatment, everyone must leave the home for at least four hours. This includes people and pets. Choose a place where pets are welcomed and will be comfortable. It may be necessary to board them at a kennel for a few days, especially if they are sensitive to chemicals or bed bug bites. All pet bedding and toys should either be laundered and temporarily placed in sealed containers or discarded permanently. Turn off all fish tank air pumps and cover the tanks with a cloth or towel until the air has cleared of pesticide residue. It may be wise to remove the fish to another aerated container and take them elsewhere if you choose to leave the home for a day or more.



Launder clothing, bedding, window treatments and any washable items that may be infested. Use hot water above 125 degrees F in the washing machine and a high-heat drying cycle if possible. Agitation in the washing machine may help them to let loose of clothing. Although immersing them in water will not kill bed bugs and their eggs, hot water and high heat will.


Among the most important things you can do in killing bed bugs in carpets is vacuuming the entire premises. This includes carpeting and furniture. Use a crevice attachment to access seams, legs and corners of mattresses, box springs, dresser drawers, bed frames and sofas. As soon as the vacuuming portion is complete, bags and filters should be removed and discarded in a place where the insects cannot re-access the home. The vacuum cleaner should then be cleaned inside and out off the premises.


It is important to provide access for professionals to treat the home. Pull furniture away from the walls and unlock any areas that have controlled access. Remove framed art from the walls and protect any clean items from pesticides. Clothes and personal items should not be left out in the open. Consult a professional bed bug exterminator for the company’s preferred preparation regimen before the representative arrives.

I have provided many options to choose from and decide what should be the best way to kill bed bugs in the carpet. Hope you will get rid of bugs Soon

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