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What you certainly know about your home is that it is your shelter, the place where you feel safe and you can stop defending yourself from the reality, from the unknown, you can be at ease, sharing moments with those you love, spending time all by yourself, overthinking and laughing and even crying sometimes, but being so true and so real, so you. Your home is your castle no matter if it contains a room only, or it is a huge and spacious house. Your home is your perception of it. For this reason there is something that undoubtedly happens sometimes in life that brings you out of your comfort zone and leaves you somewhere in between. Every time you are reconstructing or renovating your home something happens – your house is not a rescue anymore, it is a building site, which in your eyes is something like a battle-field, something repulsive, uncertain and too unorganized to bring order in your life. Every time your home is not its normal self, something breaks your heart into little pieces and you are miserably counting the days till this whole hell will end and the house will be a heaven place again. And when the last builder is gone, you are standing in the middle of the whole mess and instead of being nervous or stressed, you are simply relieved, a cleaning only keeps you aside from the perfection and this clean-up can be perfectly performed by following these easy steps only.

Throw away

The waste is indeed what makes your home look so messy and unorganized, so the first thing you need to do is throw away everything unnecessary. This is some form of decluttering and it is a great occasion to get rid of some things, which are not connected with the renovation at all, but are so rarely used, that it is a crime for you to keep them.

Sweep away

There is no need to directly start with the vacuum-cleaner, because thus you may put it out of order. So take the old but gold broom and with its help sweep away everything precisely. The result will be amazing and you will be surprised how much cleaner your home would look like even making this kind of efforts only.


Well, now what you should do is almost a normal cleaning. You have to pay attention to some stains like the paint ones, for instance, that if not cleaned well now, will stay there for good. Otherwise you should vacuum-clean and with a wet clout go through the floor and every other surface. The windows’ cleaning is something you should not skip as well. Start with the more superficial cleaning and with the time go to the details and make everything shine. This step is the most time-consuming and the most annoying one as well, because your home is indeed far dirtier than you expect it to be. The good news is that you can hire one of the best London’s cleaners and save so much time and energy.

Cleaning tip by SYK End of Tenancy Cleaning London

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