Five Tips to Make Your Dorm Stand Out

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Moving into a dorm, especially your first year of college can be pretty difficult. There is never enough room to bring everything you want from home; which makes it extremely difficult to get comfortable and make your room unique. By getting the most from storage, cooperating with your roommate, trying unique lighting, seating, and bedding ideas you can create a unique dorm room without spending a lot of money.


One of the first things most people notice when they walk into a dorm room for the first time is how small the room is. It is important to find storage in every space you can, luckily, by doing this you can create a unique look for your dorm. Many people would love a big TV in their room but there is not a large enough space. One thing many people do is to use their refrigerators as a TV stand, which creates space for other things. Utilizing closet space is also important and by using briefcases as extra storage at the bottom of your closet. To create a unique look for your storage areas, try decorating them with colorful paint and tape.

Work with your roommate

A great way to cut back on costs while decorating your dorm room is to create a decorating plan with your roommate or roommates. Communication is key and you can arrange furniture together to create the most unique and comfortable living arrangement for all parties. You can also create a theme for your room by talking with your roommate and deciding who will bring what. Splitting costs is a great idea but can be tricky when you move out later in the year.


Another problem with most dorm rooms is lighting. Whether you are having people over on a Friday night or pulling an all-nighter studying, once the sun goes down it gets extremely dark in most dorm rooms. Christmas or holiday lights are relatively inexpensive and often can create a unique look for any room. A unique thing that you can do to stand out is instead of hanging these lights you can mold them into a unique sign or design. Electrical tape can be very handy when creating unique designs in lights and is easy to hide. If you’re feeling sentimental or just liking hanging pictures you can use these small lights to illuminate your photos so you can be reminded of your favorite memories.


Due to the small nature of dorm rooms, it is very difficult to seat many people comfortably. Dorm room beds can only seat a few, but there a few affordable options that can make everyone comfortable while hanging out in your dorm room. One of the easiest things that people can do is utilize folding chairs. They are cheap and can be stored under beds. Floor cushions are another option when people are sitting around watching TV.


Many dorms will provide beds with the room but they are far from the most comfortable beds in the world. If you are in the market for a mattress it is important to find a comfortable bed at an affordable price. By finding a latex mattress sale, you can find the best mattress for you at a price that you are happy with. Decorating your bed is another way to make your bed unique; by showing off your favorite colors and designs through your bedspread you can make your dorm room feel like home. Another project that you can tackle to make your bed standout is by creating a cheap, temporary headboard. You can cut a unique design from cardboard and fabric if you do not have any more substantial materials like wood.

Living in the dorms does not have to be an uncomfortable time. Utilizing storage, teaming up with your roommate, creating unique ideas from lighting, seating, and bedding can make your living situation much more enjoyable.

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