Quick Guide to Improving Your Home’s Curb Appeal

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What do you look for when shopping for a new home? Many buyers feel that a home lacking curb appeal is likely to be unappealing inside. Colorful gardens, professional siding, and bright lighting are common things buyers want. Enhance your home’s curb appeal by following these five tips.

Add Lighting

Start with solar lighting that you stake into the ground and line walkways with these lamps. Solar lighting that installs on the top of deck or fence posts is also appealing. As it is powered by the sun, your electricity bill will not increase, and added bonus for you and any potential buyers.

Make sure the front entry, garage doors, and back entrances are lit up. Energy-efficient LED lighting is useful for keeping electricity bills low while providing bright lighting. Look for motion-detecting lights that turn on automatically if a person or animal walks within its range. Lights can also be set to turn on at dark and off at sunrise.

Driveway and Gate

Create Outdoor Space for Entertaining

Decks and patios allow you and your guests to mingle outside of the home when the weather cooperates. You do need to invest in lumber, hardware, and building permits. Don’t limit your deck to the back of your home. Front decks and wraparound decks are just as beneficial. Brighten them with a fresh coat of stain and patio planters filled with colorful flowers and green foliage.


Landscaping is the most important part of project to boost curb appeal. Trim overgrown trees and bushes to prevent an unkempt appearance. Keep the lawn mowed and remove shaggy grass from the base of trees. Add a layer of mulch around the bottom of trees.

Nearer your front door, add lots of flowers and flowering shrubs. Perennials come back year after year eliminating the need for yearly upkeep. Before putting your home on the market, put down fresh cedar mulch in all flower beds.

Repaint Doors and Shutters

Black and red used to be the most appealing colors for front doors and shutters. This is changing, however. Increasingly, bright blue, burgundy, lime green, orange, raspberry, reddish brown, and yellow are growing in popularity. You want a color that pleases your sense of style without being too outlandish or overshadowing your siding.

You don’t have to paint the shutters to match the door. If you decide against matching the doors and shutters, make sure the shutters complement the siding. Finally, don’t overlooking painting a garage door to match the rest of your home.

Don’t Overlook the Siding and Mailbox

Some homes look like no one truly cares. If your yard has an old and worn mailbox, give it a new coat of paint or install a new one. Matching the color it to your front door is a neat trick to tie everything together. Old, worn siding is a definite turn off. New siding is an expensive endeavor, but it is one that will boost your home’s value and greatly improve curb appeal. Hire a professional to do your siding to make sure it looks perfect.

A home that catches your eye as you drive past is far more likely to get you to stop and check it out. Think of what you’d want to see when shopping for a home and use that to create a warm, friendly space that makes buyers want to stay.


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