Garages for Men: Creating Your Automotive Haven

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Practically every man across the country has an idea of what his dream garage would look like. Let’s face it, men need a place to retreat, to tinker around, and most importantly work on their steel classics or modern fiberglass babies. Luckily, creating an automotive haven at home is not as difficult (or expensive) as you may think. It is important to start by planning your design, to ensure that the completed project is exactly how you want it.

The Basics:

The first aspect of your design is to look at the basic features that are part of every garage-remodeling project.

  • Flooring – Modular square tiles and epoxy are great options for your garage flooring. Both styles are very affordable and durable enough to handle the tough action seen in a garage environment.
  • Wall Covering – While you could leave your walls the way they are, plain white wall may not be the look you want, or ideal for messes. Try sheetrock, corrugated sheet metal, or even diamond plate metal to give your garage a sleek look. You can also paint one of the garage walls with dry erase paint. This will give you space to draw diagrams of your car design or keep an ongoing to do list. Best of all, it can be erased whenever you want, so you can start over again.
  • Organizations and Storage – Storage solutions are a must-have for any garage. You have to have a place to store all of your tools and keep them organized. This will help you find what you want, when you need it. There are an array of cabinets, bins, counters, and shelving units on the market. You can even purchase custom cabinets, so you get the exact look you want. You should also purchase some mobile toolboxes and/or mobile workstations, so you can keep the tools you need closer to your work area.

Although you can get cabinets in almost any material, aluminum is your safest choice. It is durable, requires little maintenance, can survive in damp environments, and won’t warp during the summer or winter months, which can be hard on wood.

Extra Details:

Once the basics are taken care of, you can start thinking about all of the extra details you want to include in your garage. While your options are virtually endless, here is a look at some of the most popular additions men add to their automobile havens.

  • Car Lift – Working on a car is a whole lot easier if you can move the car off the floor on a car lift. The best type of lift is a hydraulic, but an electric car lift would probably be sufficient for most home garages.
  • Your Own Car Wash – Nothing beats being able to wash your car at your house. You will never need to go to the car wash again if you install your own car wash right in your garage. You can easily push all of the hoses and other equipment out of the way when you are not using them.
  • Invite the Guys Over – Part of enjoying your newly designed car haven is being able to invite the guys over. To help entertain them, you may want to install some extra seating, maybe a table, a wall-mounted flat screen TV, and of course, a well-stocked fridge. To make your garage even more comfortable, you can install an A/C and/or heating unit.


Special Features:

Men looking for a more extravagant car haven can add special features to their garage design. However, if you are not sure how detailed you want your garage to be, then you can simply add these special features to your wish list.

  • Climate Control Garage–To keep your car in mint condition, you may want to add a climate control feature to your garage. This will allow you to control the temperature to keep your cars in optimal condition.
  • Walk Down Pit – A walk down pit allows you to go in under your car to work on the engine and service other components. This makes car maintenance even easier than using the car lift.
  • Turntable – Depending on the size of your garage, you can add a turntable to display your special car. This is a great option for those who maintain a one-of-a-kind car

From car lifts to garage cabinets to a walk down pit, your options really are limitless. No matter what features you choose to include in your car haven, you will be extremely happy that you now have a retreat to turn to and a place to work on your cars.

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