Great Home Improvement Projects this Fall

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Fall is here, and its time to get cracking on some home improvement projects. Autumn provides great opportunities for home improvement, allowing you to get your house ready for the winter so that you can fully enjoy the cold months. While there’s always plenty you can do improve your home, there are a few projects you should consider undertaking sooner rather than later. These projects will not only prepare your home for the fall and winter, but they’ll also only take a day or two for a trained professional to complete, and won’t cost you too much money.


Replace or re-frame your windows

Replacing or re-framing your windows may be the least exciting project on this list, but it’s also one of the most important improvements you can make. When windows and their frames are not in excellent shape, you may find fall and winter weather creeping into your house. You may think your frames are fine, but if they’re compromised at all, condensation will sneak through, rotting the wood surrounding your frame and allowing mold to form on the inside of your house.

These window imperfections can also make your house drafty, lowering the temperature throughout the house. If you hire a professional, they can inspect all of your windows, and let you know if any need to be replaced or fixed. If you live in an especially cold region, you may want to consider installing insulated windows.


The harsh weather in fall and winter can harm your garden and backyard. Not only can the weather make your outdoor areas less aesthetically pleasing, but they can also cause damage. A professional landscape worker will know the tricks to help keep your garden and backyard beautiful all fall and winter, while also making it healthy for when spring comes around.

Clean your gutters

Gutter cleaning is a home improvement project that a professional can do in less than a few hours. It may not seem like much of a project, but it’s a task that should be done. Not only is it in the interest of your home’s health to clean the gutters, but it’s more visually appealing because you won’t have overflowing water pouring down the side of your house. Just make sure to hire a professional, because cleaning your gutters can be a dangerous job.

Touch up your paint

The harsh conditions of winter can ruin the exterior of a house if the paint is not in good condition. Paint essentially acts as armor for your house, and if there’s a chink in the armor, your house will get damaged by strong wind and precipitation. Take a dry fall afternoon to have a professional painter assess the exterior of your house and touch up the paint in any spots that need it.

These four fall home improvement projects will maintain your home, keep you comfortable, and make your winter more enjoyable. Hire a professional to ensure that the job will get done correctly and safely.


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