The Technology That Has Changed Home Gardening

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Because we live in a society that revolves around technology we often forget how much technology has changed our day-to-day lives. From banking to job hunting to social interaction technology has made a huge difference to the world. But one of the things that technology has had a huge impact on that you may not have previously considered is home gardening.

Not all that long ago all home gardening tasks had to be done by hand using only very basic tools. Nowadays there are loads of innovative pieces of technology that people use everyday to make home gardening that much easier and rewarding. This article will highlight some of the technology that has changed home gardening for good.

Home Gardening

Don’t Know When To Water?

Knowing exactly when plants need to be watered is a skill that only very experienced gardeners seem to have. However, these days we have a lot of different pieces of technology that take care of this for us. For example Botanicalls have invented a kit that that measures the moisture in the soil and pops up with the message “Water me please” when a plant is in need of watering.

You Don’t Need To Worry About Watering

Watering everything in a garden used to take time and a lot of water. These days we probably walk past a set of sprinklers every day and don’t even realize it. However, sprinklers have made watering gardens so much easier as all you need to do is plug them, place them and you’re good to go.

Increasing Yield By Manual Pollination

There’s nothing more disappointing for a home gardener than having a poor yield. This is why a few keen gardeners have invented pieces of technology that prevent this from being an issue. Take for example Bill Whaley who invented the VegiBee, which is a device that mimics the vibrations made by bee’s wings allowing for the collection of pollen. This pollen can then be used to pollinate other plants. Meaning that a poor yield no longer has to be an issue for home gardeners.

Mowing Is A Lot Easier

Nowadays a lot of passionate home gardeners use a petrol powered or driveable lawn mower to maintain their lawns. This often involves a lot of time being spent to find the best commercial mower on the market. However, although we take lawn mowers for granted they weren’t always this useful. The early lawn mowers still required the user to push it about in order to get the blade spinning in order for the grass to get cut.

How To Gauge Rainfall?

Rain gauges aren’t really a new piece of technology but because they have dramatically reduced in price they have made it onto this list. The rain gauges nowadays are pretty incredible. They no longer just give a simple rainfall reading but can be used to track rainfall over days, weeks, months and even years making home gardening a whole lot easier.

Moving Plants To Sunlight

Plants are in constant need of sunlight in order to grow to their full potential. However, sometimes it just isn’t possible for us to move plants around the house all the time. This unfortunately leads to a lot of plants dying off sooner that we would like. But, there is now technology that takes care of this for us. A prime example being the drone invented by Stephen Verstraete, which detects sunlight and moves house plants towards the light. If you like the sound of this and want to have a go at making one he made his blueprints for this drone available here.

Technology Has Changed Home Gardening

As you can tell by the above article technology really has changed home gardening for the good. Now tasks that once took a lot of time to do or that were extremely boring can be taken care of for us. If you have any other pieces of technology that you use to help you with your home gardening make sure to let us now in the comments below.

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