Great Kitchen Makeover Ideas

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The Australian home lacks nothing in the style stakes, and most are either modern or contemporary in design, and as we are always looking for cost effective ways to make a few improvements, there are many innovative features that one can add to a kitchen that will transform the room. If you would like some design inspiration, you could always search for some example kitchen images online, or failing that, here are a few possibilities that are guaranteed to please.

  • Coloured Glass Splashbacks – You can really make a statement with some handcrafted coloured glass kitchen splashbacks, and another set in the bathroom(s) wouldn’t be a bad idea. There are affordable, made to measure glass kitchen splashbacks in Perth that will make all the difference. The same company also install bespoke shower units for bathrooms, in case you were planning on a revamp throughout the house, and with either a self install or professional fitting, you can brighten up the kitchen and also add some much needed colour. It is possible to have the splashbacks acting as windows, which brings in a lot of natural light, and whatever the size or shape of your kitchen, an expert glazier will be able to accommodate you.
  • Glass Tabletops – With the development of toughened safety glass, comes the concept of a glass tabletop, which can be cut to any shape or size, and with a choice of stylish bases, you can create that futuristic look. Glass tabletops are not only elegant, they are very easy to keep clean, which is essential for a dining environment. Smooth, bevelled edges ensure safety and the range of tints makes for a change of ambience, and you’ll never find a cleaner table surface than stylish glass.
  • Vinyl Flooring – If you are in love with the timeless look of timber, why not invest in high quality vinyl flooring? I say high quality because there are different grades, and for the small extra cost, you can have an impressive timber lookalike floor for a fraction of the cost of real hardwood. Modern vinyl comes in short planks, and at around 5mm thick, they can either be laid directly onto the substrate or a liner can be applied, and this will match any kitchen design.
  • A Breakfast Bar – If you have the wall space, why not add a tasteful breakfast bar with matching stools? With stylish coloured glass splashbacks in place and even a glass top, the bar will serve as a focal gathering point in the mornings and evenings.

Some indoor plants would also add a touch of natural green, and make sure you have the right balance of general and task lighting. All of the above ideas are inexpensive ways to brighten up your kitchen, and by talking to your local glazier, you can soon be looking at possible options. All it takes is a little creativity to transform the busiest room in the house, and make it the place where everyone likes to meet up at the beginning and end of the day.


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