Great Roof Decorations

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One of the largest and most overlooked aspects of a home’s appeal is the roof. A great roof can tie together a house, especially if decorated with taste and care. From chimneys to weathervanes to holiday decorations, there are many wonderful roof decorations that can add to the splendor of your home. If your roof is bare, look to this list of roof decorations to spice it up!

Art Students


These delightful designs were created to display the direction of the wind. The broad side would blow with the wind, causing the pointer to indicate the source. Today, weathervanes are used all over the nation as tasteful roof decorations that can be appreciated by all. While the traditional weathervane resembles a rooster, they come in all shapes and sizes. Use artistic license when choosing the right one for your home.

Chimneys – Real or Fake

A chimney can be an incredible addition to your roofline. It signifies the existence of a fireplace below, warming the hearth of a happy home. If your roof contains no chimney, fear not! False chimneys can easily mimic the real thing. Install a fake chimney on your roof to achieve a more interesting, dynamic roofline and communicate warmth and welcoming without having to haul lumber!

Holiday Lights

If your roof is slanted and bare, considering spicing up the holiday season in your neighborhood by adding a variety of lights. You can install lights in a specific pattern or place colored bulbs neatly across your roof to demonstrate your holiday pride.

Flags and Other Support

Why not use the roof as the canvas on which to paint your support for your favorite sports team? Consider investing in a flag the shows off the colors or signs of your favorite team, and nail it with pride to the space above you. If you simply have patriotic pride or want to show your dedication to a certain cause, find the right flag or piece of art that represents your feelings and post it onto your roof for the world to see.

Plastic Birds

You’ve seen plastic birds decorating your neighbors’ back yards; try the same tactic on the roof of your house. A few fake birds can add class and elegance to the roof of your home and can deter other creatures that may cause harm to your home’s exterior.

Decorations on the Top

The roof of one’s home can be the most majestic portion of the entire structure. If you are looking to add accents to the top of your house, get creative and enjoy the most beautiful roof in the neighborhood!

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