Guidelines on impressive ideas and designs for Sunroom spaces

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Sunrooms can be defined as cool oasis in a hot summer day; a spot to enjoy a bug free evening with a screened enclosure. A sunroom is also called a solarium, sun porch or sun lounge and is usually constructed on the side of a house because it lets the dwellers enjoy scenic beauty of the surrounding area and provide an option for them to take shelter from adverse climatic conditions like storm, rain, snowfall etc. As the name suggests, this space is designed to admit a large amount of sunlight in the room. Such rooms are good for cold winter seasons and cute spring time. Sunrooms are not habitable throughout the year because the one staying in the sunroom is exposed to extreme weather. They can be too cold in winter and too hot in summer.

Outdoor sunrooms

Tips on Decorating Sunrooms

  • Create an entertaining environment in the sunroom. Inclusion of indoor items such as lamps, stereos and TVs will help your family and friends to have good time together.
  • Adore the place with fireplace if required. This will give smoky and cozy effects to have warmish time inside.
  • The walls must be covered with windows and glasses. To get flooded with light from doors and windows within the sunrooms, break the barriers between inside and outside world.
  • At times, most of the sunrooms have multiple points of entry. If some of them are not frequently used then it would be better to steal some space through wooden partitions.
  • Indoor plants may be placed at the corner to get directly connected to the outer view. It gives a go green feel and will also help you to get good connection with the nature.
  • The sunroom must be a room made up of glass in order to allow maximum possible sunlight. So avoiding too much of brick is a recommendable option.
  • The sunrooms must not be over loaded with extra furniture settings and designs. It must be simple, light and open.
  • Paint the sunrooms with vibrant yet sober colors in order to retain the sunlight.

Creative Ideas of making use of the Space


  • Super cool playroom: The sunroom can be converted to an amazing play area. It can be created as a fun and creative space for the little ones by adding art supplies and also the right play things.
  • Cozy library: The space can be set up to have several comfortable seats to choose from when ones come in to enjoy the sun and curl up with a great book.
  • Entertaining space: Setting up a dining table set for entertaining company or eating with family members is also considerable.
  • A resting Place: Sunrooms might be perfect for setting up a hammock. Enjoying nap in the sun will be a great joy and this space will also be loved by kids.
  • Create a mini Green house: Planting of garden boxes that are perched by the windows or buying of larger plants that can handle the heat and need less water is advisable. The plentiful sunshine will have the garden bloom in no time.
  • Man cave: With wet bar and flat screen TV, the sunroom can be set up with oversized chairs and mini fridge to use for game days, video game tournaments and beyond.
  • Embrace Monochromatic design: Sunrooms should be decorated with spectrum of single color. An entirely blur room is likely to make more sense. All depths and hues of color must be explored.

The specialty of the sunroom is that they are connected to the outdoor and so you can enjoy all kinds of seasons while sitting in these beautiful spaces. One can soak in as much sun as one wants to.

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