Home Décor Tips to Make your House Look like SRK’s Mannat Bungalow

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A home is a beautiful place- it’s your retreat, your solace, your comfort zone. It’s the one place that welcomes you with open arms no matter how rough the world might have treated you. Everyone does up their home with love and affection and home décor helps add personality to the house.

No matter how lovable our house is, we can’t help but ogle at celebrity homes and what other house to drool over besides SRK’s luxurious Bungalow Mannat. While his grand home may be well over 2000 crores, with a few home decoration tips and insights you can do up your home in a similar fashion to get the feel of the Baadshah himself:

The Rustic Look

One of the photos from SRK’s bungalow reveals that the walls have quite a rustic look about them. They look unfinished with bricks playing peek-a-boo to give the overall look of a wall that has faced many vagaries. You can go in for such a wall rather than going for the tried and tested well polished and smooth finished walls. This will not just look out of the blue and different but heck if the Baadshah can pull off tattered walls it can’t be so hard for mere folk like us. Look at the bright side- you won’t complain when the painter does a shoddy job and leaves some spots!

Wall Paintings

Just like SRK, you can decorate the tattered walls with a brilliant collection of wall paintings. While the Baadshah naturally opted for royalty and decorated his wall with paintings of emperors and princesses, you can add your own flavor here and maybe even go for family portraits if it looks good on the walls. However, keep the frames of the paintings in tandem with the walls; very bright well polished frames might clash with the unkempt look of the walls. They should complement each other! Find unending variety of paintings and wall art using fabfurnish coupons to really help you bring color and personality to your walls!

Diffused Lighting

In many rooms, SRK has kept the lighting dim which just diffuses through the rest of the room adding character. Go in for lampshades that add a bit of hue to the light as well and allow it to spread across the room. Do not keep the lighting too strong and instead opt for 2-3 lighting options to brighten up the room than try light it with one strong light. This will add a classy and sophisticated finish to the room making it come alive.

Color Scheme

One of the key things you can pick up from the Interiors of Mannat is that there is consistency in the color scheme of a particular room that helps bring order to an otherwise chaotic and probably cluttered room.  You too can pick a color scheme for your wall and bring similar chairs or cushions which you could buy using pepperfry coupons at great deals to carry forward the theme throughout the room so that it looks like one balanced and continuous unit. Too much color in a room can get distracting.

Shelves and Drawers                      

When you’re running out of place you can always attach further shelves to walls and invest in drawers. You could decorate the shelves with a variety of items including books, decoration items, photo frames and little trinkets you collect along the way. Similarly, in order to better make use of space, you can go in for drawers that enhance the overall look of the room as well as help you stack away everything you could never find space for!

Try out these amazing home décor ideas that will help you transform your home in style and proudly show off your own “Mannat” to the world!

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