How to create a calming bedroom

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Your bedroom should be a haven of peace, a place of tranquillity and a restful retreat. After all, this is where you go to relax and to sleep after a busy day. Essentially, you want the environment to be one in which you are able to wind down and then sleep well. Here are a few ideas for creating a calming bedroom where you can do just that:

calming bedroom

Colour scheme

Start with the colours you want to use in your bedroom and check that they meet the calming criteria. Pale colours are known to be soothing – think pale blue, grey, lilac or white – while more strident, brighter colours such as red or orange are known to stimulate the mind (and may keep you awake). Champagne paired with pale rustic gold is a good, sophisticated combination, while white furniture against a pale blue background produces a cooling, refreshing effect. In the same way, a pale grey wall with white window frames and shutters results in an overall sense of calm. You can always dress your bed with bright daytime cushions to lift the appearance of quiet comfort if you wish.


One of the most important aspects to get right in your bedroom is the lighting. Natural sunlight is stimulating and great to help you wake up during the day; however, dimmer lighting is essential at night to get you in the mood for sleep. You can use a dimmer switch, which is not too expensive or difficult to fit, or you might find that a softly glowing bedside lamp turns out to be the best solution to subtle night-time lighting.

Another solution is to make your windows work for you as a daylight control system – if you measure and fit for shutters, you will be able to determine how much daylight enters the room simply by using the movable louvers. This is a great solution for those on a budget because they also protect privacy and provide extra insulation in cold weather, thereby keeping heating costs down.

Fabrics and textures

Bedside rugs should have a touch of luxury if they’re to make you feel warm and cosy last thing at night – try sheepskin or a thick shag rug and feel the difference with your feet. Likewise, your bed should be ultra comfortable, so invest in good quality pillows and duvets and add your preferred fabrics such as soft eiderdowns or comforters to make it extra inviting.

Practically perfect

While you’re choosing pacifying paint colours, romantic rugs and serene shutters, don’t forget to make sure your bedroom furniture runs to more than just a comfy bed. Inexpensive bedside tables and chairs are useful ingredients when it comes to choosing calming bedroom décor. Nightstands are a great place to rest your glass of water or bedtime book, and chairs provide stable seating so you can take off your shoes and socks in comfort.

The final point to remember is that this is your bedroom, not anyone else’s, and if additional touches such as particular pieces of wall art or soothing music help you to sleep, then go for it.

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