What are the Features of Tasmanian Oak Flooring? How can it lend a Special Touch to your Home Decor?

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Tasmania, a region in Australia, is famous for its oak flooring. Tasmanian oak flooring is very popular for homes offices and also for decorating the commercial complexes, and there are many notable companies and individual dealers and builders who supply Tasmanian oak flooring according to customized designs and lay-outs. Solid Tasmanian oak is not just easy to maintain and durable in nature, but it can lend a modern and contemporary look to ant type of home décor. You can either place this oak flooring all by itself, or else, you can mix and match designs with bamboo and Tasmanian oak flooring in different rooms, to lend a special touch of creativity to your home décor. This type of flooring looks really good for your outdoor living or dining area.


The Tasmanian oak: a unique Australian variety

The Tasmanian oak is a unique Australian variety that adds a touch of glamour to your home. When you want to install this type of flooring, the initial investment can be very high, but you can also get the desirable strength and quality, as you start using this flooring. It is a natural choice for many of the home owners in Australia, and they install this Tasmanian oak flooring to remain tension-free, as these floors are rust-proof, spill-proof, they do not emit any toxic odor, and they are safe for children who play on the floors.

What are the advantages of Tasmanian oak when compared to other hardwood varieties of flooring?

There are multiple advantages of Tasmanian oak flooring when you compare this variety to the other hardwood flooring options. These advantages are summarized below:

  • Tasmanian oak varieties comprise the wood that is extracted from three different regions in Australia, the NSW, Victoria and Tasmania. Hence, you find this oak variety in abundance.
  • This is a versatile timber which is used both for decorative purposes and also for construction purposes. This oak is also known as the Victorian ash or the mountain ash.
  • The best fact about Tasmanian flooring is that, it is warm in color, resilient in nature, and you can also feel its thickness and remain assured that this flooring will never be affected by insects or pests of any kind.
  • The color of the Tasmanian oak flooring varies from reddish brown to light hay color, and you can mix and match this variety according to your home decoration requirement. These types of flooring can also be available in shades of light pink and cream depending on the type of Oak, and how they are finally treated before they are made into planks or sheets.

What can be some of the probable disadvantages of Tasmanian oak flooring?

Along with several advantages, the Tasmanian oak flooring also has certain disadvantages. For instance, when this kind of flooring is exposed to direct sunlight over a prolonged period of time, its color tends to fade. It is also more costly and genuinely not very pocket-friendly when you compare it to other natural types of wood flooring or timber flooring and even bamboo flooring of the common varieties. If you have the habit of scooting and dragging furniture over your floor, then Tasmania oak flooring can develop scratches, and if this is continued, they tend to wear out in the long run. For better results, it is always advisable not to use any harsh chemicals to use on this type of flooring as this may harm the external texture.

You can simply use clean detergent and mild soap and water to clean this type of Tasmanian oak flooring. In the long run, you will see that this flooring is a genuinely good investment on which you can have a positive return.

Do you like to know more about Tasmanian oak flooring? Let’s go to the details to get few more information for your dream home flooring.

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