How To Judge Whether A Fireplace Is Working Properly

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You need the fireplace to work properly at all times so that you are going to have a large amount of heat and light. There are several ways to tell that your fireplace is going to work properly.

What are the signs that your fireplace is working at maximum capacity?

1) No sound from the fireplace

2) The fire is constant

3) The temperature of the fire is constant

4) The pilot light for the fire remains on

5) The fire is easy for you to turn off

There Is No Sound From The Fireplace

You will know that the fireplace supplied by Danton Fireplaces in Yorkshire is working properly when it is not making a sound at all. This is one of the first things that you should look out for when you turn the fire on. You can always test this by making sure that the room is quiet so you can hear the fire.

The Fire Is Constant

The fire should be constant so that it never cuts out. The fire is going to be securely hooked up to the electrical or gas mains before it is turned on for the first time. You will be glad that the fire is constant.

The Temperature Of The Fire Is Constant

You should check the temperature of the fire when you are using it. This means that you will know when the temperature is constant without any deviations at all. The fire will give off a large amount of heat and you are not going to notice any change in the temperature.

The Pilot Light Stays On

When you have a gas fire, the pilot needs to be on before the fire is lit. Whenever you turn the pilot light on, it needs to stay lit and this is going to stay on. This is one of the signs that your fire is in perfect working order.

The Fire Is Easy For You To Turn Off

Once you have finished using the fire, you want it to be easy to turn off so that you can then exit the room without wasting any of your energy.

The Installation Of The Fire

The installation of the fire is going to be crucial to its performance, no matter what kind of fire it is. The technician will make sure that everything has been connected up to the electricity or the gas correctly.

The Maintenance Of The Fire

It is going to be very easy for you to maintain the fire. All you are going to have to do is to sweep it once in a while so that it remains completely clean.


You can tell if the fireplace is working correctly from a number of different factors. The fire must stay at a constant temperature and it needs to be operating consistently for it to be useful. Also, your fire is going to be extremely quiet and the pilot light is going to stay on.

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