How Do I Go About Choosing a Great Balcony Jacuzzi

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So, you’re looking at adding a Jacuzzi to your lovely home, which will definitely make it much more comfortable and fun, and be the envy of the neighbours! However, first things first and you should do some research on what choices of Jacuzzi are available, and get your balcony look over by Jacuzzi specialists to see if it’s stable and strong enough to support one.

Jacuzzis can be very heavy, and most balconies were obviously not made to accommodate such a weight. By letting an expert Jacuzzi contractor run a test on your balcony, you will then find out if it is sturdy enough to support one or if there is any need for some extra construction work that might be required to support it.

Getting That Jacuzzi Suited Perfectly to Your Needs

Perhaps even a lighter weight tub may be a better idea, so think over who will be enjoying the tub on a regular basis and work around that. The smaller models are perfect for one or two people, whilst larger ones can comfortably hold up to five and more.

Do your research, check out the tubs from Tanby Pools and see what fits in ideally with your weight limits and any future plans you may have for any guests. It’s always in your best interests to consult with experienced professionals in any kind of business and listen to what they recommend.

Choices and Why Having Your Very Own Makes Perfect Sense

Choose a Jacuzzi that not only looks out of this world and also that blends in just nicely with your home’s décor, that will definitely ensure that your whole Jacuzzi experience will be even more of an out of this world feeling!

The interior of Jacuzzis nowadays come in a range of colours, shapes and designs, and it shouldn’t be difficult to find one that ideally suits your needs.

The advantages of having your very own Jacuzzi over a public one are:

  • You are guaranteed that your Jacuzzi is being properly sanitised and taken good care of.
  • Those Jacuzzis that get used by the public, host many people throughout the course of only one day, and that can be 365 days a year!
  • Jacuzzis that are not correctly maintained, can end up being a breeding ground for bacteria, which nobody wishes to sit in!
  • A personal Jacuzzi has only the one owner (YOU!) and is looked after by you, which equals you having full control over its state of cleanliness.


Jacuzzi installation must happen on a strong, solid base, normally on concrete slabs, wooden decks, or spa pads.

  1. The concrete slab will have to completely set prior to any tub’s installation.
  2. The wooden deck model will have supports fitted below it before installation.
  3. Spa pads are portable and manufactured from easily fitted composite materials, but are not as long-lasting as a concrete slab.

Very soon your neighbours just might start to invite you to plenty of parties and dinners!

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