The Definitive Guide to Sash Windows

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If you live in certain parts of the country such as the Greater London area, you will more than likely be familiar with the sash window. Although older in their design, many homes still feature them as they complement the external facade of any period house.

If you don’t have sash windows installed but you’re long overdue a window replacement, installing a new sash window system couldn’t be easier and will transform your property into something special. Here we’ll tell you how they work as well as list some of the benefits.

How Do They Work?

A sash window is any window that features two or more individual panes of glass, one sitting behind the other. Either one or both panes of glass is able to slide up and down to provide an open or closed window.

They were first installed in the 17th century and can still be found within many Georgian and Victorian era properties. In fact, if you do happen to own a period property in a conservation area, it might be the case that keeping the original sash windows is part of any planning constraints you would encounter when renovating your property.

The Benefits Are Ample

Despite being an older architectural feature, sash windows are still very much up to date. Some advantages include;

  • An unlimited choice of frame colours. Again, make sure you consult your local planning department to ensure that they are happy with the colour you propose.
  • A choice of frame materials. As well as traditional timber, you could go for a more modern uPVC frame.
  • Sash windows are very low maintenance with a simple sliding mechanism. Most suppliers will offer a considerable warranty in the event of premature failure.
  • Sash window systems are a long term solution with a lifespan of in excess of 50 years.
  • They can be customised to your needs in terms of the style of the frame. You will often be given a brochure to choose from. Sash window systems are all made to measure in case you have an unusually shaped property.
  • A uPVC sash window will offer the appearance of timber whilst proving a high level of energy efficiency. Double glazing can easily be installed if required, helping you to reduce your energy bills.
  • All sash windows offer a greater level of security over a regular window and due to their design can offer a good level of soundproofing to limit the influence of outside noise.

What Else Should I Be Aware Of?

Depending on your property, sash windows can be very large. Think very carefully about how you want the windows to open so as to avoid having to overreach. Your window supplier should be able to advise further on any concerns you may have in regard to opening.

Most glazing companies should be able to help you with your installation. If you need sash windows in Upper Norwood, London, a quick web search will reveal suitable suppliers in your area. Make sure to compare quotations.

A new sash window system will provide years of low maintenance comfort. If you fancy improving the appearance of your home, traditional sash windows can make all the difference.

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