How to Make a Worn Carpet Look New Again

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Carpets remain a popular accoutrement in most households because of its many benefits. It lends an appearance of elegance and sophistication to the home; provides warmth, comfort and convenience and increases the value of the property.

But carpets need regular maintenance and can be quite expensive. Carpets are easily the most abused feature in the household. People can be oblivious that they track dirt onto carpets when they walk over it while wearing shoes. Carpeted areas are also frequently used for social gatherings. It becomes unavoidable that carpets are stained by liquid spills and drips.

And let’s not forget the other family member: the pet! Not only do pets bring in pests like ticks, mites and fleas but they will occasionally urinate on the carpet.

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If you own carpets that have seen better days, here are a few techniques you can use to make them look good as new again. These tips are provided by Carpet Clean Gold Coast from Australia.

  1. Examine your carpet closely. This means getting down on your hands and knees and checking the carpet for loose fibers or threads. If you see any thread sticking out, do not attempt to pull it. Use a pair of scissors to cut it perpendicular to the carpet. When cutting, just remove enough that any excess is not noticeable.
  1. If you see hardened stains, make your best educated guess on the type and apply the appropriate solution. In general, a solution made of ¼ cup white vinegar, 1 cup warm water and 1 tablespoon of non-bleach detergent or dishwashing liquid can remove most stubborn stains. Leave the solution on the stain for up to 10 minutes. Then blot out the solution with cloth until it is dry to the hand. Get a clean cloth and dampen it with warm water. Blot the area with the moistened cloth then dry again. Repeat the process until stain is removed.
  1. Check carpet areas which have been dented by heavy furniture. If you come across a dent, place an ice cube on top of the area and allow it to melt completely. Blot the area with cloth or paper towels until no more moisture can be absorbed or until area is dry to the touch. Use a spoon and run it against the direction of the dent until the carpet area is spruced up and fluffy.
  1. Vacuum your carpet of as much dirt and debris as you can before shampooing. You must vacuum thoroughly. Do not miss tight angles or spots. Most vacuum cleaners have attachments that allow you to reach difficult areas.
  1. Before purchasing any commercially available shampoo, check the type of carpet you have and confirm the cleaning procedures. Carpets can be produced using different types of material and each one has its own cleaning process.
  1. Once you have purchased the right type of shampoo, follow directions accurately. Start shampooing from the area farthest to the doorway and move back and forth slowly. Avoid stepping on the damp carpet.
  1. A steam cleaner would be a better option than a regular vacuum cleaner. It has the power to drive cleaning chemicals deep into the carpet’s fibers using high velocity water jets. Plus it uses hot water to further sanitize your carpets. Once done, the steam cleaner will extract the dirty water ensuring a quicker drying process.
  1. After shampooing the carpet, make sure it dries completely. Some people use high velocity industrial fans and frequent blow drying to speed up drying. The longer the drying process takes, the greater the chances of mildew growth in your carpet.
  1. Once the shampooed carpet is completely dry, vacuum again to remove all dislodged dirt and particles.
  1. Sprinkle scented or unscented deodorizer on your carpet. The deodorizer should be left on the carpet according to the instructions specified by the manufacturer.
  1. Vacuum the carpet again to remove the deodorizer and to remove any more dislodged dirt and residue.

Restoring the original look and feel of your worn carpet may seem like an exercise in futility. But restoration is all about investing time and resources. The simplest and easiest way is to hire professional carpet restoration and cleaning services. For sure the professionals can get the job done faster and more accurately that any Do-it-Yourself technique.

You can make restoration work easier simply by setting a few ground rules:

  • No shoes on the carpet; all shoes must be discarded before stepping into carpeted areas.
  • Vacuum your carpet at least three to four times a week.
  • Clean up stains right away.
  • Keep pets away from carpeted areas; cats like to scratch on carpet as if it were a post in order to stretch.
  • Rotate furniture every month to minimize dents on the carpet.
  • Shampoo your carpet at least once every six (6) months.

By following these ground rules strictly, you will lessen the wear and tear on your carpets and make restoration and cleaning work easier.

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