Tips for Choosing a Heated Towel Rail

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A heated towel rail is one of those little indulgences that can really make a big difference in your home. It is something simple, but the wonderful feeling of stepping out of a bath and into a warm towel is a true indulgence. If you are choosing a heated towel rail for your bathroom, here are some tips that you need to keep in mind:

Consider the Correct Wattage

When you are choosing an electric towel rail for your bedroom it is important to consider the correct wattage for the situation. For example, the typical electric towel rail in a bathroom has a wattage of 100 watts per square metre of floor space.

Should It Work Independently of Your Central Heating System?

Do you want to install a heated towel rail that works with an electric conversion kit so that it can be turned on by an on-off switch located just outside the bathroom? Or, do you want to fit a thermostatic switch that will regulate the temperature of the rail in accordance to the temperature of your bathroom? Take a look at the different options available so that you can select the system that is best for your needs.

Will It be the Bathroom’s Only Heat Source?

If the heated towel rail will be the only source of heat for the bathroom, you will need a rail that will be powerful enough to warm the room along with the towels. Also consider that if your bathroom already has underfloor heating or a radiator, you can choose a lower output rail and still have enough heat.

Heated Towel Rail

Figure Out the Size

Determine how much wall space you have available for the rail so that you can decide which size is the best option for you. A full size towel rail might take up most of a wall, so make sure that you do not need that space for anything else. A smaller towel rail can leave you more room for storage and other things within the bathroom.

What Style Do You Prefer?

There is a great selection of designs out there, so think about how you want your towel rail to look and how it will complement the rest of your bathroom’s design. If you have a bold and playful bathroom design you should go for something that is unique, curved and vibrant. If you have a simple and minimalist bathroom design you might want to go with something sleek, white and simple that will blend in.

These are just a few considerations to keep in mind when you are choosing an electric towel radiator. There are many styles to choose from, especially at a store such as Eco Stores Limited. The right heated towel for your room will be a major addition that will bring you a lot of enjoyment and comfort when you step out of your shower or bath and wrap yourself in a warm towel.

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