How to Update Cabinets in Kitchen and Enjoy a Flair Ambiance

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When it comes to home remodeling, kitchen renovation is actually an inevitable part that greatly influences the look and feel of your home. This is because kitchen is the core of your home, which no one can ignore. This is the reason why most people try to give it a brighter look by changing the color or simply accentuate a tatty appearance by changing the cabinets. If it is the matter of replacing only the cabinets, you will be happy to know that this task is not a major one. You can choose to buy some new cabinets at a discounted price from famous brands. But what if you can do it on your own without investing in new ones? If you can deal with the space and design of your solid cabinetry, all you need is to freshen up the doors in a relatively fair and affordable manner. Here’s what you can do with your cabinet doors to make your kitchen look appealing and dazzling!

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You can think of only replacing the doors and leave the structure as it is for giving a completely new look. You can buy some cabinet doors at discounted rated online from famous brands like American Kitchen Corporation so that you can replace the existing board with solid wood or switch from a painted one to a more stained look. You will also need self-adhesive veneer of the same color as of the doors for matching up with the cabinet walls. While attaching the veneer, it is vital to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer.

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In order to give a brighter appearance, you can cover the current cabinet door with a novel laminate. However, this is possible only with flat surfaces because laminate will not attach itself to raised forms. As a tip, ensure that you buy a good quality cover and attach it strictly by following the manufacturer’s installation instructions. A good quality means that the cover does not easily form creases or bubbles.


This is the simplest way of updating your kitchen cabinets. However, for you paint again, it is necessary that the current doors have not lost their quality. Further, repainting will only work on surfaces like wood, which can accept paint. This means that vinyl surfaces are not ideal for repainting. Next, it is vital to select a neutral color that matches with the look and feel of the room as well as is laid with good amount of moisture resistance. You can always go for oil based paints that are highly recommended. Before you start painting, ensure that you clean and sand the doors well so that the paint can stick properly to the surface. Cleaning is essential for discarding the dirt and dust from the surface of the doors.

Adding Finished Touches

You can update your cabinets easily by modifying the hardware. After painting if you feel that something is still missing, consider changing the hardware such as handles and hinges. You can easily get sleek or elaborate style handles as well as decorative hinges for altering the look and feel of the kitchen décor. Obviously, this will require some investment and efforts. Now that you have changed your cabinet doors, it’s time to change the drawer fronts, too so that the matching factor is dealt with a just approach. You may not be able to easily disassemble the drawer accessories, but it is vital to ensure a professional and in-sync appearance to match with the cabinet doors. So, it is recommended doing some research on the how-to aspects of removing drawer accessories on the Internet for making the disassembling task easier.

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