Large windows have multiple options for window treatment

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Many of us like to enjoy the light and warmth of the outdoor without stepping out from home. Large windows, some of which might even touch the ceiling, placed strategically around homes especially in areas like the patio or deck can fulfill this requirement nicely. In addition to light and warmth you are entitled to beautiful outside viewing from the comfort of your home. But too much of anything is not what people like. A comfortable balance of heat and light creates the ideal internal ambient temperature.  This is done by installing window treatments that can balance the needs of light and privacy in the most optimal manner. Select from many options that are available.

Sheer vertical blinds

This is a hybrid of vertical blinds and sheer drapery with the vertical vanes being made of sheer material that give it a soft touch of fabrics while the vanes create adequate cover to control the flow of light by creating a translucent barrier on the windows.  The light filtering effect of sheers fills the room with diffused light when the blinds are closed completely thereby giving a good amount of privacy and for adjustment of light to varying degrees the vertical vanes can be rotated and fixed at any desired angle. The softness of the ambiance adds to cool comfort.


This timeless choice of window covering can be made as much contemporary as you want by selecting the fabric of your choice. This window treatment is highly flexible and can cover any size of windows. Depending on the extent of control that you want to exercise for light and privacy, you have a wide choice of fabrics and can have different stitching options that add to the style quotient. For specialized looks pleats and grommets for headers can be thought of. Custom drapery blended with shades or blinds are most efficient.

Panel track blinds

These blinds come in the form of sliding panels that move on a track and can be stacked away on the sides to give a complete and unobstructed view of the outside. Very large widows up to 16 feet wide can be covered by this window treatment. Matching the fabric of the blinds with the color scheme of indoors can elevate the aesthetics of the room with the window treatment blending beautifully with the interior decor. Panel track blinds have options of opening at the center and to the right or left.

Vertical cellular shades

Perfectly suited for covering large sliding doors, vertical cellular shades can be operated in a similar fashion like the sliding doors by sliding it from side to side. The shades stack up on the sides of the window in a thin layer when not in use thereby facilitating unobstructed view of the outside. These shades have very good insulating properties and can act as great energy savers by reducing the load on utilities necessary for maintaining the right temperature indoors.

If you prefer fabrics for window treatments then any one of these can be to your liking.

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