Low-Cost Ways to Make Your House Stand Out from Other Homes for Sale

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In today’s real estate market, it’s important that you make your home stand out from the other homes for sale in your area. Your end goal of course is to get the best price possible for your home in the shortest amount of time. Here are a few low cost tips you can follow to increase your home’s appeal so that you do sell it as quickly as possible and for the price you want.

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Spruce up your Front Door

The front door of your house is the gateway to your home. The first impression any buyer gets when visiting homes for sale counts for everything. If your front door is unattractive, it gives off the wrong impression and will set the tone for the rest of your home. Simply applying a fresh coat of paint can do wonders as can replacing tattered and worn out weather stripping.

Swap Old Kitchen Cabinet Hardware with New Knobs and Handles

Even though your kitchen is the most expensive room inside your home to remodel, you can make a world of difference by replacing outdated kitchen cabinet hardware with more modern knobs and handles. Every hardware store has a great many choices in cabinet door pulls and drawer knobs and the great news is these items are very affordable to buy and to replace yourself.

Hang New Shower Curtain and Window Treatments in your Bath

Next to the kitchen, your bathroom is the second most costly room to re-do. But by simply hanging up a fresh new shower curtain and replacing those outdated curtains with new ones, you can make your bathroom look wonderful. It would also be wise to spend a few dollars on new rugs and matching towel sets. When prospective buyers walk through homes for sale, they tend to pay particular attention to how the bathrooms look and feel so make yours look as modern, fresh and comfortable as you can.

Add Some Inexpensive Shelving Units to Your Closets

When buyers walk through homes for sale, they always peek into closets to see how much storage space is available. While you may be tempted to stuff your closets with things you don’t want a prospective buyer to see, you shouldn’t. Instead, clean out your closets and add some inexpensive shelving units. There are all types of closet storage units out there which don’t cost much at all. You can be sure that prospective buyers will appreciate seeing lots of options inside your closets for storing clothing, shoes and other items they don’t want out and in the way.

Complete Unfinished Projects and Fix Up When Needs Repairing

When prospective buyers visit Grayhawk homes for sale and see unfinished projects, it tells them that the homes are neglected and not cared for properly. Now is the time to finish replacing those torn screens and to re-grout the bathroom and kitchen tiles. If your baseboards are nicked and peeling, take the time to apply a fresh coat of paint. Walk through your house and look at it as a prospective buyer would so you can spot those things that need attention.

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