Your property security is entirely in your own hands

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Only you can decide what (if any) enhancements to the security of your property should be made. However, not all of us are security experts. If you’re not inclined to be a thief, a burglar or general ‘scally’ then you’re not likely to think like one. The first step you should take is to consult a security expert. Look no further than your local locksmith. Let them show you where security could be beefed up and how much at risk your property really is.

Do not become a statistic

According to the website of the locksmith SW6 firm Lock IT Right and the Metropolitan Police website (operation bumblebee page) there are many small steps which can be taken to beef up property security. In England and Wales the latest statistical figures show that over one million burglaries, break-ins and thefts were reported from residential and commercial property. Take a look at the following list and compare it to your current security measures:

  • Window grills
  • Window locks
  • Door security chains
  • Enhanced door locks
  • Electronic locking and entry systems
  • Steel reinforcing bars for doors and frames

This isn’t by any means an exhaustive list and some are more expensive than others. First of all you have to decide and examine the potential risk to your property and act accordingly. Calling in a professional such as an accredited locksmith is always a good starting point.

 Your property security is entirely in your own hands


Lost keys and lock outs

Lost keys and lock outs from homes, commercial properties and cars are typical of the day to day tasks of a locksmith. However, many locksmiths are called on by police forces and other security agencies/firms to secure or gain access to buildings within the framework of the law.

Lock outs and lost keys account for a lot of their work in the main, but offering advice on security issues is also a large factor in most locksmith businesses. Sadly for many people their first contact with a locksmith is usually the result of being the victim of a crime against property. And yet, with a little forethought, many of the illegal access violations to property could be avoided just by consulting one of these professionals.

Other simple security enhancements

Before the bad guy gets to your property there are a few other simple precautions you could take to keep them at bay. Burglars prefer skulking around in the darkness. Installing exterior infrared/motion activated lighting will deter all but the most determined. Make sure all paths and driveways are shingle or gravel rather than brick weave or concrete. Crunching gravel underfoot makes noise, and they simply hate being heard.

Get a dog. They make great companions and a barking dog will scare off anyone with evil intent on their mind. Banish the bad guy and do not become a statistic. You’ll sleep better and you’ll save yourself an awful lot of stress in the bargain too.

Make sure your property is as secure as it can possibly be. Consult an expert for the more intricate stuff, but if you apply a little common sense you can turn your home back in to the secure castle it should be.

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