Making Your Room More Conducive to Sleep

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If you don’t have the easiest time sleeping, you are not alone. A lot of people have difficulty sleeping, and often the fix is as simple as decorating your room to be more conducive to sleep. A sleep-conducive room can be the difference between a mediocre night’s sleep and a deep, sound night’s sleep. And that difference can completely alter how your day goes. Here are some ways to make your bedroom more conducive to sleep:

Paint the walls soothing, comforting colors

The colors of your walls set the ambiance in your room. Flashy or exotic colors may look fabulous but save them for the living room and the kitchen. In your bedroom you want soothing colors like lilac, lavender, and light blue, which are conducive to good sleep. They help you feel calm and comfortable in your bedroom, which will lead to better sleep.

Move your office outside of your bedroom

Many people like to make their bedroom a dual-purpose room by also having it be their office. But this is one of the worst things you can do for sleeping. If your office is in your bedroom, then you go to sleep every night looking at all the work you have to do in the morning. Stress is the absolute worst enemy of sleep, and so sleeping in your office doesn’t provide you the requisite relaxation for perfect rest.

Add a ceiling fan

It has been proven that people sleep better when they are cool. If the ambient temperature in your bedroom is slightly chilly, you’ll sleep much better than you will if it’s roasting hot. You can achieve this cool temperature with air conditioning or by leaving the windows open, but nothing is better than a ceiling fan. Ceiling fans direct the air down on your bed and body, and also provide white noise in the background, which is another plus for good sleep.

Blinds or shades

Many people think their bedroom is dark, but don’t realize just how bright it is until they cover the windows with blinds or shades. Even if the light of the moon or the street lamps feels calming, it can be part of the reason why you’re not sleeping well. Blinds and shades are perfect because they block light at night and allow it in during the day. There are even special blinds designed specifically to block as much light as possible. The difference between sleeping in relative darkness and sleeping in total darkness can be the difference between a poor and a good night’s sleep.


Re-decorating your bedroom to be more conducive for sleep is an easy task that will pay huge dividends. Simply apply a few of these tips, and you’ll find yourself sleeping—and feeling—better in no time.

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