Modern Living Room Design, Spacious and Elegant

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Living in the modern age requires you to live in his era. Today, several major cities in the world it is very difficult and expensive to have a big house with a spacious and comfortable interior, Except for those of you who have lots of money may not be a problem. Homes in the big city more likely to use a minimalist design, with a maximum structuring and practical ideas though with limited space. Indeed, minimalist design as a solution for some people who have limited space. but it’s a difficult to has a spacious and elegant living room, unless you’re willing to narrow down the other or with the functioning of other space as a living room. But, to enjoys living should not in the city, some people want peace, away from the crowds, life with the strong natural feel. they chose to live in the suburbs or even rural areas, without prejudice design.

living roomIt has a big space in your home is something that all people want. And I thought, Everyone wants to have the best house ever, and surely you will try to make it happen. If you have a large space, then there will be more free to do wonderful things with the family, especially the spacious living space. yes, The living room need a more space that is essential for building a family atmosphere becomes more meaningful. At this place, all family members gathered together to watch football, listen to music and others. Despite the growing minimalist trend, yet has a spacious living room should be retained.

For today’s modern era, bold geometric forms in bright colors are often the hallmark of modern living room furniture. Many of the modern living room furniture made of leather or fabric designer. Use a metal or wooden frame ensures durability. Modern furniture has a sleek appearance and features varied color with a smooth texture.

The following are some tips to have an modern living room design, spacious and elegant;

The first thing that is important to consider when furnishing your home is to make it comfortable and complete with furniture as needed. has a large living room does not mean you are thinking about a big house and you are free to fill the space with lots of furniture, self-contained. for some people the completeness of furniture is important. However, you have to adjust the placement of the furniture, and do it right. Arrangement of furniture in the room is the key. if you can set it correctly, then you will feel spacious living space even though the space is not too large.

Second, choose a bright color furniture or in accordance with the walls and floors. bright colors that dominate like white and beige. Note, that by using one color for the walls and some furniture, it will produce a broad view of the effect of illuminating the entire room.

The following are some tips and furniture to complement your living space;

  • select modern living room furniture that is functional and sturdy. often chosen furniture items to enhance the interior space consists of a love seat, chairs, entertainment centers, pianos, couches, coffee tables and other pieces of useful or decorative.
  • L-shaped sofa relaxing in white that comes with a low white tables, leather sofas provide luxurious style which is also comfortable and neat, and some pillows complete the look of a perfect and may have some use as well.
  • L-shaped sofa create a sense of need to be a lot of fun in a great space, and a low coffee table stand allows continuity blocked.
  • If you have more space, you can use the double L-shaped sofa, complete with a wooden table in the middle as a central color contrast. on the other side of the sofa is equipped with a table, it’s useful to put your stuff.
  • Try to arrange your furniture to be placed with the direct distance from one another, such as adding a space in the middle of the great room in front of an LCD.
  • Add a vase of flowers and potted flowers / plants, to add more lively living room atmosphere. complete this with the appropriate carpet, curtains, wall clocks and bending lights / decorative lighting. note also matches the color and decorating touches.

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