Must have utensils for your kitchen

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Healthy cooking depends on your kitchen utensils. Yes, it’s not an exaggeration. The moment your kitchen you load with appropriate utensils, cooking is made easy and fast. Like any other workplace, your kitchen requires good tools. So, to make your kitchen enjoyable and functional, ensure your tools and utensils are handy, the sink is clear, and all your work surfaces are clean.

Not all kitchen utensils are a must for your kitchen. However, your kitchen must have the “must-have” utensils for it to be functional and dependable. These are the most basic ones. Perhaps, you cannot prepare 95% of your meals without them. Therefore, below is a list of items which you can find from stores such as HouseByUs that your kitchen should possess.

Quality knives

A quality kitchen can change the way you prepare your meals. Food preparation will be quick, more precise and easier.  Chef’s knife and a paring knife are important in your kitchen. They are basic and help you to perform your activities well. Also, when buying these knives, do so by first holding them. They should feel them naturally in your hands.

Cutting boards

Cutting boards are essential in your kitchen. It is always important to separate your cutting boards for your veggies and meat. It helps to avoid contamination when cooking. Most people prefer to use plastic boards when handling meat. They are durable and easier to clean. On the other hand, wooden cutting boards are ideal for vegetable dicing since they are safe.


Pans are great when cooking your veggies. They are non-stick, and that makes them perfect for cooking vegetables and eggs. Their concrete material allows them to hold heat for a longer period, and thus you can cook your meals for a longer time, just using less heat.

Spoons and spatulas

Spoons and spatulas are absolutely a must in your kitchen. You use them in almost everything. Whether you are tossing your vegetables or making soup, the spoon is a must to engage. There are many spoons outside there in the market, but the ones that are so essential includes a spatula, wooden spoon, and tongs.

Measuring cups and spoon

These are pretty basic. You may think they are not, but a kitchen needs them to operate. If you love to follow recipes, measuring cups and spoon are essential. Measuring cups help you to measure liquids while measuring spoons measures dry ingredients that are used to when cooking.


You cannot cook without engaging a grater. You can use it when grating cheese or ginger on your meals. Grater makes your work easier and faster. Imagine you having no grater to prepare your meals, see, life could be really hard especially for the beginner cooks.

Covered pots

Covered pots are basic in your kitchen, especially to those who usually dice sweet potatoes. A covered pot enables you to make dishes such as tagines whereby you can avoid using a Dutch oven. Sweet potatoes take a lot of space, and covered pots steam them and cook them faster and allowing them to use less oil. Therefore, if you are going shopping for your kitchen utensils, do not forget about them.

There are many utensils that your kitchen must have to operate. Of course, not all are meant to be fundamental. It also depends on the meals that you usually prepare and at some point your experience. Items that a newbie require for cooking might differ from the ones an experienced cook may require. Therefore, there is a lot to consider when buying your kitchen utensils. Focus on your needs and choose the utensils that will make your work faster and easier than before.

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