One Important Element of Southwestern Interior Décor

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Southwestern style is synonymous with beauty and elegance. Unsurprisingly, a lot of people want to achieve that look in their home, but don’t really know where to start. It is, in fact, quite easy and can be achieved with some wooden blinds.

How to Create a Southwestern Style

If you want to create a full Southwestern style, then you will need Navajo patterns in your tapestry and floor coverings, wood furniture, wood decoration items and, most importantly, wood blinds. It is about using many earthy tones, including turquoise and other bright colors. Think about heavy carved furniture, pottery, tapestries, wood blinds and so on.

The Southwestern style is characterized by the influence of Native Americans. This is why it moves away from heavy curtains, choosing wood instead. Wood comes in a range of colors, and this always complements the rest of the look. Opt for bamboo, mahogany, pecan, chestnut, maple or oak for instance. You cannot use wood blinds in high moisture areas, so opt for faux wood there instead.

To really create the ultimate look, you should opt for Venetian blinds. This also allows you to control the light that comes into your home. Reflect it upwards for some amazing light diffusion or downwards to let in lots of sunlight. Additionally, these blinds are great insulators, which means your home will be lovely and warm without you having to turn the heating up. This, in turn, allows you to protect the environment, which is also high on the agenda for Native American cultures.

The construction of wood blinds is the same as any other blinds. However, you can choose to have cotton tape rather than cords, but that is a personal choice. The steel headrail hides the operating system, so that it looks as if you can control the system almost magically. The steel headrail itself is often also hidden, either with a valance or a faux wood slat.

In most cases, the slats will be two inches in width. However, you can also get thinner slats if you prefer. Many blinds manufacturers now allow you to customize the blinds to your specific needs. Similarly, you can decide what type of headrail valance you would like. You could, for instance, use a valance that fits in with the Navajo art styles once again, pulling the entire décor together.

Creating a Southwestern style in a home is all down to being natural and to using bold colors. Wooden Venetian blinds are absolutely perfect for this, and provide the finishing touch that you will have been looking for. Best of all, it is very easy to achieve this type of look, meaning you don’t have to pay thousands for an interior decorator. You can also install them yourself, which is very easy to do. And if you are really on a budget, you could even choose to have all your blinds in faux wood, such as stained aluminum or PVC, which is a lot cheaper and still looks very natural.

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