Organise your garage easily with these 6 top tips

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Concrete garages can easily become a place of disorganised chaos.  We all have that one friend who has boxes piled high in the garage and no idea where anything is.  It may well be that your garage is like this too! Thankfully there are easy ways to organise your garage and make better use of the large space.

Garages are the perfect place to store items because they are normally large and very secure. This allows them to accommodate for many household items such as cars, bikes, children’s toys and maybe even a table tennis table.  Because they often very secure, items which are expensive are usually placed in garages, however this means the overtime they can quickly become disorganised and therefore resemble more of the dump than a garage.

There are many easy tips however which can help you quickly organise your concrete garage and you might you be surprised at how much more space you have in your garage afterwards.  Below are some of the best composed from reports online and these should all help to have a real benefit to your home environment

Top tip number one is to use as much of the vertical and ceiling space as possible.  There are many different types of wall and ceiling storage units which can be used to secure things to the side of the roof of the garage. You could have storage such as bikes or footballs hanging from the roof or up close to a side or back wall.  If these items are currently laid on the floor you will be clearing floor space which could allow you to put something else in the garage, perhaps a motorbike which cannot be suspended on the wall, but currently is outside the garage at night.

Tip number two is to actually empty the garage.  You may be surprised what you have in there that you have forgotten about. It is important in this scenario that if you find anything that you have not used in the last 12 months you should definitely take it to a charity shop or dispose of it at a rubbish tip (it is obviously not that important otherwise you would have used it). Taking time to get rid of some of the items from your garage this will help free up some more space!

Top tip number three leads on for number two.  When you have decided what you’re going to keep, try to organise it into groups (such as tools, vehicles, games, gardening equipment) and then prioritise them into how often you use them. This will help you see what you use often and thus when you put them back in the garage, make sure they are easily accessible.

Before you start putting things back in the concrete garage again think about the about overhead and wall space. If it’s feasible to put things against the wall you should try to do it safely (you may need to pop down to the shops to buy some specialist equipment) If you have lots of floor space, you could use a freestanding unit to keep your items together in one place and remove the risk of items slipping from the wall.

The next tip is to label everything in the garage and have a plan defined, not only will this help you find things in the future, but you will also know if you need to replace any items when you next use them, such as screws or batteries. By doing this, you will free up lots of space and more importantly, might have an area in the garage where you could grow plants (if you have a window) or use for something else like an external tumble dryer or freezer.

Did you know the garage manufacturers, such as concrete garage builders Dencroft Garages can help you organise your garage from the initial build phase and even provide organised systems. In this scenario it is important to think ahead. These top tips however should help you right now!


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