Outside Window Decorating Ideas

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If you are looking for a way to enhance the exterior of you your home, there are some quick changes and additions you can make. Some will be noticeable from both the inside and outside, and others will be noticeable only from without. Below is a list of several outside window-decorating ideas.

House with Trees


Shutters can instantly transform the appearance of your home and can be used solely for decoration or for function, too. You can paint them in a color that blends well with your home or one that adds a fun pop of color. If you live in an area where the sunshine significantly affects the temperature inside of your home, adding shutters will help you reduce the heat by adding additional shade. This will not only cool your home but will reduce your utility bills. Shutters can also protect your windows in heavy winds.


Just as with shutters, awnings can be both decorative and functional. They can be freestanding or retractable so that you can use them to cool your home as you see fit. Some even extend far enough from the side of your home that they provide you a shaded place to sit when outdoors. Window awnings come in a variety of shapes, sizes, patterns, colors and functions. You can even purchase an awning for your patio doors, and the material can be switched out periodically to change the look and feel that it gives your home.

Flower Boxes

To add a bit of charm to your exterior, you can add flower boxes. Flower boxes can be made out of a variety of decorative materials, including wood, metal or plastic. You can customize your flower boxes with paint, hardware and decorative weatherproof decals.

Holiday Decorations

To celebrate the holidays you most enjoy, you can decorate your windows both inside and out with window decals, lights, wreaths, outdoor decorations and holiday figurines. Even large, indoor window decorations will be visible from the outside. If you hang lights on the exterior of your home, make sure that they are labeled specifically for outdoor use.


If your windows feel bland and boring, consider adding trim or replacing the current trim. Trim serves the same function as the frame that surrounds a piece of artwork: it gives it a little something extra! By replacing or repainting your current trim, your windows will have a whole new feel.

Hanging Decorations

There are many lovely decorations you can hang in your windows for both beauty and pleasure. A few ideas for hanging decorations are below:

Wind Chimes

To create a calming vibe, you can hang decorative wind chimes. Some wind chimes are made from natural materials such as wood and rocks, while others are made from metal pipes and bells.

Windsock or Flag

Windsocks and flags can be hung by your window to celebrate some of the things you love, such as your favorite athletic team or your favorite holiday. You can also hang your flags as a patriotic gesture.

Bird Feeders and Bird Houses

By hanging bird feeders or bird houses directly outside your window, you will not only attract these beautiful creatures of the air, but you will be able to watch them in action from the comfort of indoors.

While not all of the ideas above will be appropriate for your home, they can all drastically change the appearance of your exterior and might give you ideas that will work for you!


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