Keys to a Great Garage

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Do you have a garage that is overrun with tools, toys, boxes, bikes, and other things? It’s easy for clutter to pile up in the garage making it hard even to park the car. It is time to reclaim the garage and give your car its rightful space inside. Here are some effective ways in which you can maximize the garage space and become organized while doing it.

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Clear the Garage

The first thing to start with is to move everything out of the garage and start cleaning it. You need to sort things into piles. Start by creating piles for things you want to keep, things to donate, things to store, and things to throw away. Having multiple piles all over the driveway or lawn can help you see just how much stuff you have hanging out in your garage. Once everything is out clean the garage with a power washer, or simply brush out all the excess dirt and debris.

Create Zones

Before you add everything back into the garage create a simple map of how you want to organize the garage. You need to create zones of where the bikes should be stored, where you want the holiday decorations, where the tools need to be stored, and so forth. This will make it easier to determine the type of organization system you need to add. On some sides you might use wire racks to hold all the sports balls. Other sides of the garage might need tack boards to hold tools. Creating a basic map will help you keep the garage clean, and prevents you from falling back into old habits of accumulating clutter.

Organize the Garage

The next thing to do is to add shelving to the garage. A nice shelving system will make it easier to store everything in the garage and get it off the floor. Too many things crowding the garage floor can cause you to trip and fall. It also makes it hard to navigate a clear path from your car to the garage door. Plus, moving things onto shelves will prevent them from getting wet when you park your rain-soaked car in the garage. You can build shelves on the side of the garage, hang them from the ceiling, and create different sizes. This will give you room to store a variety of different totes, boxes, and other things. If you have bikes consider adding hooks under one of the shelves to hang the bikes. This way you can still store things on top of the shelves and keep the bikes off the floor.


If you do not have a large garage it might be a smart idea to consider renting a small storage unit. This will allow you to place certain items that you do not frequently use in the space so it doesn’t clutter the garage. Consider storing all of the holiday decorations in the storage unit. Since you won’t need them for 11 months of the year it can free up a lot of space in the garage. This allows you plenty of room to park your vehicle inside. There are several sizes of storage sheds to choose from. Visit a local home improvement store to find a size and cost that works with your budget needs.

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